Shia Muslims are further divided into three branches. 2 The danger of this deviant sect poses on Islam.


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Though the two main sects within Islam Sunni and Shia agree on most of the fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam a bitter split between the two goes back some 14 centuries.

3 ISLAMIC SECTS. Zaidi Twelver and Ismaili. Sunni Islam is separated into four main schools of jurisprudence namely Hanafi Maliki Shafii Hanbali. For a Muslim to deny this would be to deny the Quran itself.

Major Branches Of Islam Estimated Global Adherents. 8 The Najiyah For an account of these leading sects the reader is referred to the articles under their respective titles. We include Sunnī Shīʿa and Ṣūfi groups and examinations of movements that were born of the Islamic world but no longer consider them- selves part of the Islamic community for example Bahāʾī and movements that consider themselves Islamic but are rejected as such by many Sunnī and Shīʿa Muslims such as the Aḥmadiyya Muslim Jamāʿat.

The best known split into Sunni Islam Shia Islam and Kharijites was mainly political at first but eventually acquired theological and jurisprudential dimensions. These political divisions are well known as Sunni Islam Shia Islam and Khariji Islam. An example would be.

Sub-sect of Sunni The Sunnis are divided into four sub-sects namely The Hanfis. Muslim disunity is a direct result of not realizing. These schools are named after Abu Hanifa Malik ibn Anas al-Shafii and Ahmad ibn Hanbal respectively.

The four Sunni madhhabs – Hanafi Maliki Shafii and the Hanbali – are sometimes mistakenly understood as different sects but they are not. These political divisions are well known as Sunni Islam Shia Islam and Khariji Islam. There are 175 to 200 Dead Sea Scrolls 250 BC.

The Prophets last will was to be written and it was to mention his successors and many other things as indicated by many hadiths and. The Sunni Muslims of India belong principally to the Hanfi School of thought. Schools of jurisprudence Sufi orders and schools of theology.

Our Prophet was a Muslim Sects of Islam One may ask such Muslims Who was our beloved prophet pbuh. Sura 348 says And Allah will teach him Jesus the book and Wisdom the Torah and the Gospel Jesus was sent confirming the Torah that had come before him in Sura 546. Muslim male of female is presumed to have the faith of his or her father and can renounces the faith when he or she acquires the age of puberty.

It is mentioned in chapter 3 verse 52 of Al-Quran that Jesus pbuh was a Muslim. The ancient schools of fiqh or sharia in Islam are known as madhhabs. Kharijite and Murijite Islam were two early Islamic sects.

What are the 3 main sects of Islam. The author of the Sharbu l-Muwaqif says there are eight leading divisions of the sects of Islam-1. Each sect developed several distinct jurisprudence systems reflecting their own understanding of the Islamic law during the course of the history of Islam.

Hereof what are the three sects of Islam. 3 The ignorance of many Muslims about the danger of this deviant sect. The ancient schools of fiqh or sharia in Islam are known as madhhabs In the beginning Islam was classically divided into three major sects.

Shia Islam on the other hand is separated into three major sects. We have many copies of the Old Testament from the time of Jesus and earlier. Muslim disunity is a direct result of not realizing Prophets will by the early elites of the Umayyads.

Sunnis are separated into five sub-sects namely Hanafi Maliki Shafii Hanbali and Ẓāhirī. Was he a Hanafi or a Shafi or a Humbali or a Maliki No. He was a Muslim like all the other prophets and messengers of Allah before him.

The Twelve Imams of Islam. These are beliefs whose affirmation or denial have no bearing on ones soundness of faith or orthodoxy. There is also a concept of.

In the beginning Islam was classically divided into three major sects. Some Sunni schools of law are liberal while others are conservative in the philosophical sense of the words. These four schools of law only differ in minor issues of application.

4 The corrupt Aqeedah belief system of the Shiites which includes polytheism defamation of the Quran and defamation of the Companions of the. Instead of Caliphate Shia believes in Imamate. There are three traditional types of schools in Islam.

These madhhabs continue to seek to find Islamic solutions to the answers posed by evolving societies regardless of time or place.

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