3 Pillars of Worship: Love, Hope, and Fear

3 Pillars of Worship: Love, Hope, and Fear

Muslimcreed.com– Inning accordance with Ibn Rajab Worship is improved 3 columns, specifically khauf (fear), raja (hope), and mahabbah (love). All 3 are mandatory. Taking or leaving among them threatens.

For instance, love alone without hope and fear can transform right into an excessive cult. Or simply the king ‘(hope), can fall right into the heresy of the mutji’ah. They disregard mahabbah and khauf. While khauf without mahabbah and kings, that’s the heresy of the Khawarij.

Therefore, we must collect 3 columns in each of our worship. There’s love, hope, and fear. Regarding love or mahabbah, Ibn Taimiyyah said about the fortress of love: “Hubb or love will make an individual drop himself and fall right into the abyss of desire if it’s not balanced with khauf (fear of Allah).” This is evidenced by the guts of the Jews and Christians that said: “We are the children of God and His enthusiasts. (Surat al-Maidah: 18)

Thus, worship also needs an equilibrium of preference. Among them, Rasulullah SAW gave an equilibrium in between love and fear in a hadith. The Prophet SAW said: “If you understood (the size of) the degree of Allah’s grace, certainly you would unwind and not (will) do any deeds. But if you know (the size of) the degree of Allah’s wrath after that nothing will have the ability to benefit (you).” (Al-Haitsami in Majma ‘Az-Zawaid)

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Equally, as we open up our hearts to love Allah and hope in Him, we should also approve fear (khauf) and have plenty of worry over His torment and wrath.

Love will bring us to hasten to attract better to Him, look for His grace and enjoyment, and keep away from and avoid His restrictions that make Allah upset. Thus, we’ll recognize the significance of operating toward Allah and hasten to go back to Him.

If we just unlock to fear, after that we just run away but don’t run to Him. This is where sometimes individuals fall right into the abyss of embarrassment.

The door of love, hope, and fear to Him is the way to redemption. Ibn Atha in his Kitab Al-Hikam said, “If you want the door of wish to be opened up for you, after that appearance at the elegance that’s in you. It means to be thankful.

If you want the door of khauf (fear) to open up for you, tonight appearance at what you have provided Him. What type of methods and servitude have we done? Which rule have we fulfilled perfectly?

After we do both, after that muhasabahlah! Is it real that our worship and practice are well received? This way, do everything with hope just to Allah SWT. So there are 3 columns that become the structure of worship, specifically love, fear, and hope just in Him.

Remember, expecting animals, will lead to frustration. Do not let us, individuals that are expected are not always all their wishes are fulfilled. How can we put our hope in him? So rely on Allah SWT, Allah is All-Accepting and All-Taking Treatment of all the events of His animals.


(Presented from guide I Miss out on Allah (KaifaNuhibbullahwaNasytaqiilaihi), by Dr. Majdi Al Hilali).

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