4 Characteristics of the Dwellers of Heaven on Earth


4 Characteristics of the Dwellers of Heaven on Earth

Muslimcreed.com – Every Muslim wants to go to heaven. This is a reward for Muslims who are always pious in carrying out Allah’s commands and staying away from His prohibitions. There are many paths to heaven and this is important for every Muslim to know.

There are several qualities that indicate a person belongs to the inhabitants of heaven.

The first is to avoid empty talk. That is, the characteristics of the inhabitants of heaven on earth are those who stay away from talks that are of no benefit.

Because there is no goodness in that action. A Muslim who aspires to reach heaven is one who makes good use of his time and fills it with useful things. Also avoid any things or actions that do not bring good.

Second, the characteristics of the inhabitants of heaven on earth are paying zakat, whether it is zakat in the sense of spending some of their wealth to carry out obligations for what is determined by Allah SWT. Or, zakat in the sense of doing good through words and deeds.

Shaykh as-Sa’di explained, the infaq referred to in Q.S al-Baqarah includes various infaq whose laws are obligatory such as zakat, living for his wife and relatives, slaves, and so on. Likewise, it includes infaq which is sunnah through various good ways. In the verse above Allah uses the word min which indicates a partial meaning, in order to emphasize that what Allah requires is only a small part of their wealth, it will not be difficult and burdensome for them. Even with that infaq they themselves will be able to reap the benefits, as will their other brothers and sisters. In that verse Allah also reminds that the wealth they have is a sustenance given by Allah, not the result of their strength alone. Therefore Allah commanded them to be grateful for it by releasing some of the pleasures that Allah has given them and to share the taste with their other brothers and sisters.

The three characteristics of the inhabitants of heaven in the next world are covering the nakedness. The inhabitants of heaven will of course always keep their genitals so they don’t fall into adultery and other immoral acts.

Keeping aurat here also means keeping yourself from seeing or touching things that are forbidden except what Allah SWT has permitted. This is a form of obedience to God’s commands.

The characteristics of the inhabitants of heaven lie in faith and piety to Allah SWT in addition to faith in angels, Allah’s books, apostles, the Day of Judgment and destiny. This faith cannot be half-hearted, so that it is later realized through words and deeds.

The four characteristics of the inhabitants of heaven in the next world are Having a safe heart

The most complete understanding of the meaning of a saved heart is a heart that is saved from all desires that contradict Allah’s commands and His prohibitions. A heart that is clean from all kinds of doubts that are contrary to the message from Him. Therefore, this kind of heart will be free from slavery to other than Him. And he will be freed from the pressure to punish other than His Messenger.

Shaykh as-Sa’di rahimahullah said, “A safe heart means one that is clean from: shirk, doubt, loves evil, and is constantly in bid’ah and sins. The consequence of the purity of the heart from the things mentioned above is that it has the opposite qualities to it. In the form of sincerity, knowledge, belief, love of goodness and seeing the beauty of goodness in the heart, and also his will and love follow the love of Allah, his lust is subject to what comes from Allah.

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