5 Islamic Inspirational Stories That Can Make Us More Grateful



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Islamic inspirational stories – Life is a learning process to become the best version of yourself. The best standards vary from person to person. Even being the best version of yourself takes a different amount of time.


This means that everything needs a process, even the learning method to be the best can also be different, you know. Starting from personal experience or using the experiences of others. Even so, the end goal is the same, namely to become a better person.

Well, actually from a religious perspective, there are also inspiring stories that can be used as an example, you know. Curious? No need to worry about that, because this article will provide some Islamic inspirational stories.

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Here are some Islamic inspirational stories that you can read in full in the explanation below

1. The Story of a Blind Cracker Seller With a Heart So Sincere

Once upon a time, there was a cracker seller with physical limitations. The cracker seller was blind in his eyes. Even so, he still tries to live life like other normal people by selling crackers.

After some time there was a young man who wanted to buy crackers from the seller earlier. The young man then asked the question if he didn’t pay but asked the blind seller for change.

Then he asked how the cracker seller responded to his blind condition. Immediately the cracker seller replied in a low tone “son, God has arranged sustenance, I’m just trying. If indeed the sustenance is mine, it will not be exchanged. And vice versa,” said the cracker seller blind.

Immediately after hearing the answer from the cracker seller earlier, the young man immediately trembled. He then gave more money to the cracker seller. The young man believed that God entrusted the seller’s sustenance through his hands.

From this story, we can get a moral message that the sustenance from Allah will never change addresses. Whatever it is if we believe in Allah, then the path given becomes easier. Even in terms of work though.

Just believe that Allah will give the best for his servant. Even if it is not sustenance, then Allah will replace it with something better. Big and small are still grateful.

2. A speck of kindness can awaken evil

The next story is about an old grandfather who owns a papaya tree with a young thief. One day there was an old man who already had a papaya tree with ripe fruit.

The papaya tree is cared for from small until it grows and produces fruit. However, the fruit produced from the papaya tree is very little. The position of the tree is near the fence next to the highway.

The next day the grandfather of the tree owner intended to pick the papaya fruit he had been taking care of. But who would have thought when it turned out that the papaya fruit had lost some seeds. Instantly the grandfather returned to the house and looked gloomy.

The wife who saw the situation was surprised only because the papaya fruit, which was not worth the price, could be so disappointed and gloomy. But what the grandfather thought was different from what his wife thought.

He thought so sorry for a thief to have to wait until midnight and at the same time work hard just to get some papayas. The next day he took the initiative to help the thief input a date.

But who would have thought that when the next day the papaya fruit on the tree was still intact. The grandfather began to be patient and tried to wait for the next day. However, grandfather still experienced the same incident, where the papaya fruit was still intact even though he had placed a ladder nearby.

The next day, grandfather had a visitor, a young man he had never met before. The young man brought some ripe papaya. The young man gave the papaya to the grandfather and apologized.

The young man also explained that he was the one who stole the grandfather’s papaya. The young man still intends to steal the papaya. But because of a ladder earlier, the young man’s heart was moved and realized that the owner of the papaya was so patient and kind. Since then the young man has had the determination to change and not steal anymore.

The moral message given by the story is kindness even though the slightest thing can have a positive impact on the goodness of others. Maybe other people have bad feelings towards us.

But it could be the result of the goodness that we have sown everywhere that will give sweet fruit in the future, such as changing someone’s evil intentions for the better.

Whatever the form, kindness will give an impactful result positive for us. Although we may not feel it. The ones who will reap maybe our children and grandchildren in the future. So, never get tired of doing good to others.

3. Giving Without Insulting

It is said that there was a seller of the highest quality blankets. These blankets vary in price and given thickness. One day there was an old old man with shabby clothes. If viewed as a whole, the old grandfather turned out to be a person who did not have.

Even so, he still ventured to buy a sentence. When the old man was in the shop. Most of the visitors looked at it cynically and of course full of dislike.

But who would have thought that the shop owner served the old man politely, attentively like other visitors? The old man expressed his intention of coming to the shop to buy blankets.

He asked for a blanket at the cheapest price because the total money that the old man had was only mediocre. Even saying enough is not possible. Knowing this, the shop owner continued to provide the best service and at the same time started looking for blankets for the old man.

Who would have thought that the shop owner would provide the best quality blankets? Interestingly, the price charged for the blanket is the total amount of the old grandfather’s money. Then the old man gave a deep thanks to the shop owner.

It turned out that the blanket that the old man bought was to cover his wife and children behind the walls of his house. One day a visitor came to want to buy a blanket of the same quality as the old grandpa.

The visitor looked angry when he learned the price of the blanket. He compared the price that the old geezer gave him yesterday against his current self, which has quite a significant difference. He considered it unfair.

Patiently the shop owner explained. “It is true that the price I gave you was different from the old geezer yesterday. But this time I traded with humans, while yesterday I traded with God,” said the owner of the blanket shop.

Instantly the young man was stunned and paid according to the price paid while praying that the elder brother and his family would be spared from the cold. Then he also said and asked Allah to save his family from the torment of hellfire.

The moral message given in the story is how high your position is, keep sharing with your fellow men. Many need help with sincerity no matter how big your help is.

Later your sincerity in helping others will be able to provide the best way in life in the future. And always remember that sharing with others will not make us poor. So don’t ever hesitate to share sincerely with others.

4. Every Event Will Have a Meaning

It is said that there is a family that has so many members in it. One father, one mother, and three children. Their presence has made the atmosphere of the house become crowded. After some time, the father brought the happy news to all his children that they were going to get another sibling.

Who would have thought the happy news from the father was not welcomed by the eldest son. He goes against his father’s words. The two argued until they couldn’t find a way out. Investigating, it turns out that the father and son both have a strong character and do not want to give in to each other.

The eldest son explained if he saw from the side of the old mother how she would nurture and care for the new family member. Even though it was full of contradictions, time still went on with the condition of the mother’s womb growing until she was 4 months old.

At the age of 4 months, the pregnancy cannot be aborted. Even abortion is also a sin and violates the law. In this condition the eldest son still has a deep hatred for everything that happened.

But slowly he prayed to Allah to get rid of his hatred if indeed a new sister for him was the best choice from Allah. God answered the prayer of the eldest son and removed the hatred in him.

When the new brother was born, it turned out that his condition was quite bad because of heart disease. Various efforts have been made by the family to recover the new sister. Time was running until one day the doctor’s X-ray results came out and explained that the new brother had recovered from his heart disease.

The whole family was happy and touched at the same time. Don’t forget to say thank you for the healing of your new sister to God, still pray.

From this story, we learn that every event that has been predestined by Allah always has its meaning. Often they are not aware of the meaning behind events. We often experience this when we face failure.

We prefer to swear rather than think clearly about the meaning behind the failure that occurs. It could be because God wants to make us aware that the choices we have made so far are wrong. And made a failure.

Therefore, both success and failure, even in other events, should still be addressed with a clear mind, and always remember that Allah has outlined what should happen.

5. Towards Success Takes Effort And Hard Work

In an area, there is a mountain where it is said that when climbers reach the peak, they will be presented with a beautiful and exotic view. You could say the scenery presented by the mountain cannot be found anywhere else.

Because of this sometime later came a young man who intended to reach the top of the mountain. The young man then tried to tread his steps until he arrived at the slope of the mountain.

On the slopes of the mountain, there is a house in which there is an old grandfather. Then the young man met his grandfather and asked to show him the way to the top of the mountain.

The grandfather explained that there are three ways to get to the top. All roads can be passed, but still, every climber must choose a path to get to the top.

Instantly the young man chose the path to the left. But before the young man took the first step, the grandfather explained that on the left side of the road there were many gravel and obstacles. As if full of courage and confidence, the young man began to walk step by step.

Everything the old geezer had told him was true. The higher the road the young man walked. He often encountered gravel and large rocks. Even the road also seemed not on his side.

Next, he decided to go down and return to the old geezer. He explained everything that happened to him. Then the young man wanted to try using the road on the right. The old man explained again that the right road was full of thorns, smiling sweetly.

The young man was still walking, once again the old grandfather’s words were true again. The young man had many obstacles. Then he came back again and asked his grandfather for directions, which is the safest way and there are not many obstacles.

The grandfather answered in a serious tone. “Son, to get to the top and get a beautiful view, it takes effort and persistence. All the roads that you pass there are no definite ease. You might even find a dead end,” said the old man, as if giving a piece of advice.

From what the old man said, the young man understood what he meant and was determined to continue his journey to the top, whatever the obstacles.

From this story, we can understand that getting to success or the highest place requires hard work and courage. In addition, prayer and surrender to God are also very important. Because when we pray and try, then the way will be opened by God.

No matter how difficult it is for humans, for Allah, it is an easy way to turn it into a road that is not winding.

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