5 sins of the ear that we must avoid

5 sins of the ear that we must avoid

Disobedience is an act that violates the command of Allah SWT, namely committing a sin. Islam teaches humans to protect their bodies from immoral acts.

Ears are one of the most important senses in human life. With it, humans can understand many things and get as much information as possible. However, ears can also be a source of sin for humans who are able to deliver them to the gates of hell. So, what are the five sins of the ear? Read the book review below!

In the Book of Bidayatul Hidayah, Imam Al-Ghazali explained that the real purpose of creating ears was to listen to the verses of Allah, the hadiths of the Prophet SAW, and the wisdom of the righteous salafus. Not for other useless things. This is because the ear and the tongue are closely related to each other. When the tongue says, the ear will hear. So, what comes out of the mouth mostly comes from what goes into the ear. Take care of our ears from the following sins, God willing, it will be easier for us to keep our tongues.

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This is  5 sins of the ear that we must avoid

1. the sin of listening to bid’ah

Bid’ah in question is bid’ah in terms of worship. A worship that was never exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad, his companions, or the righteous salafush – that is the definition of bid’ah. The clearest bid’ah are those practiced by the Shi’a sects which completely deviate from the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.

2. the sin of listening to backbiting

Is it still not clear what the bad image of backbiting is from the Qur’anic argument above? Even so, many people ignore the threat of God. Boneless tongues and uninsulated ears become two harmonious pairs when backbiting is echoed. How come? Those who gossip and those who listen to gossip are both subject to the same sin. Na’uudzubillahi min dzaalik.

3. the sin of listening to vile words

Often we hear dirty words in cyberspace and around us. In fact, not infrequently we come across small children who grew up in an environment where they used to speak dirty and vile words. That is the important role of the environment for the growth of young people. If a child is accustomed to hearing dirty words from a young age, then he will continue to transmit these bad words to his surroundings until he is an adult. Na’uudzubillahi min zaalik.

4. the sin of listening to the words of vanity

False words or hoaxes – what we usually call, are words that are not in accordance with facts, words that are distorted from the existing truth. Hoaxes are spread for many reasons, of course there are bad reasons behind it. That’s a hoax, of course we have to stay away from it. Because it is impossible for someone who spreads a hoax unless he has heard it first. Therefore, let’s look at the sources from where we heard the news that was spread.

5. the sin of listening to the ugliness / disgrace of others

Man is a place of error and neglect. So, it is natural that humans make mistakes intentionally or unintentionally. Let Allah know the real intention.

How great is the reward of a person who is silent, by covering the faults of his brother, Allah will cover his disgrace later on the Day of Judgment. Therefore, who is not tempted by the assurance from Allah Ta’ala?

These are the five sins of the ear that we must avoid together. In addition to protecting ourselves from the fire of hell, but also to maintain the relationship of Muslims together. Let’s improve our daily habits together, then we will be able to get used to good habits in our society.

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