5 Tales of Prophet Muhammad’s Buddies Ensured to Enter Paradise



5 Tales of Prophet Muhammad's Buddies Ensured to Enter Paradise

Muslimcreed – Everybody desires to visit paradise. However, to enter paradise is certainly difficult, there are many challenges of the belief that we need to face. We can gain from the tale of the buddies of the Prophet Muhammad SAW that is ensured by Allah to enter paradise. They have skilled various tests of belief and jihad in the way of Allah.


“You’ll not enter Heaven until you think, and you’ll not think until you love each other. Will you, I show you an activity if you do it, after that, you’ll love each various other, that’s, spread out introductions amongst yourselves.” (HR. Imam Muslim)

Allah ensured Heaven to the buddies of the Prophet because of their commitment to Islam which is larger compared to a towering hill.

The following are the buddies of the prophet that are ensured by Allah SWT to enter paradise together with their short tale:

1. Abu Bakr Ash-Siddiq, First Buddy of the Prophet

The first tale of the Buddies of the Prophet Muhammad SAW that is ensured to enter paradise is Abu Bakr Ash-Siddiq. He belongs to the assabiqunalawwalun, specifically the first individuals that transformed to Islam. Friends that constantly went along with the Prophet to teach, and broadcast the religious beliefs of Islam.

Abu Bakr was known as a soft-spoken, client, and charitable individual that freed 70 servants. The Prophet gave the title “Ash-Siddiq” to Abu Bakr, which means “talking the reality”.

Abu Bakr also went along with the Prophet’s movement from the Capital to Medina. Despite the risk of being eliminated by the Quraish infidels, Abu Bakr stayed faithful to the Prophet. When the Prophet was ill, Abu Bakr was appointed by the Prophet Muhammad to change him as the Imam of the Petition.

When the Prophet passed away, many of his buddies didn’t count on the fatality of the Prophet, but Abu Bakr was the just one that advised that Rasulullah was also a human much like them.

Abu Bakr continued the management of the Prophet as Caliph of the Muslims. When he became a Caliph, Abu Bakr stayed on the straight course, determined to protect Islam as well as combat apostates.

2. Umar container Khattab, the Brave Buddy of the Prophet Muhammad

Umar container Khattab Al-Faruq ensured to enter paradise

The next buddy of the Prophet that is ensured to enter paradise is the Umar container Khattab. Umar’s commitment to Islam was enormous in his life. At the very first time, Islam was present in the Capital, Umar had intended to eliminate the Prophet, Muhammad.

However, after listening to his sibling recite the verses of Allah, the smart and logical Umar could judge that the sentence read by his sibling wasn’t a human development. Rather than killing the Prophet Muhammad, Umar container Khattab approached him to transform to Islam knowingly.

After accepting Islam, Umar became the bravest individual and didn’t hesitate to take up the sword to protect the reality of Islamic teachings. Umar was also the individual that dared to give ideas and objections to the Prophet. Prophet Muhammad gave the title “Al-Faruq” which means “differentiator in between right and incorrect”.

Caliph Umar’s management makes him ensure to enter paradise

After Abu Bakr passed away, Umar continued the position of Caliph. As an Islamic leader, Umar container Khattab has constantly performed his role in totality. Producing various new systems for the development of Islamic culture and the well-being of its individuals. Also when the afflict hit, Umar was ready to not consume and put his individuals first. Umar’s management can make the spread out of Islam spread out to a 3rd of the world’s populace.

3. Uthman container Affan, Leader Putting together the Al-Quran Mushaf

Uthman container AffanShabat the prophet that put together the first manuscripts

Uthman container Affan is consisted of in the category of the buddies of the Prophet Muhammad SAW that is ensured to visit paradise. He became the 3rd Caliph after Umar container Khattab passed away. Uthman was well-known as an extremely abundant merchant in Capital. Although abundant, Uthman was very charitable, had a great speech, and invested a lot of his riches in zakat, alms, and infaq.

Throughout Uthman’s management, Islam was advancing. Amongst them, Uthman built the first Islamic navy and broadened the location of Islamic signs. Gathering various manuscripts of the Qur’an, after that putting together one manuscript that’s consented to be used with each other to today.

After that, Uthman is a number that has a high social concern. Among them, he contributed wells so that individuals can drink and use sprinkles throughout the dry spell. The well is still there today and is functioning. Great right!

4. Ali container Abi Talib, Faithful to the Prophet since youth

Ali Container Abi Talib examined Islam since he was a young child

The second individual that accepted Islam after Khadijah was Ali container Abi Talib. Allah being Ali entered right into the team of the Prophet’s buddies and ensured entrance to paradise. Because Ali has examined Islam from a fairly young age. Learn straight from the Prophet. His commitment to Islam is unquestionable, Ali was never missing from the battles that occurred to protect Islam.

The struggle of Ali container Abi Talib KAW

When the Prophet emigrated, Ali disguised himself as the Prophet Muhammad by resting on his bed. So that the Quraish disbelievers thought that the Prophet Muhammad was still in his house.

When the Quraysh were ready to attack the Prophet Muhammad, they found Ali in bed. In vain, they waited all evening to eliminate Prophet Muhammad.

Finally, they left Ali. 3 days later on, Ali complied with him to visit Medina alone. Concealing throughout the day, and proceeding with the trip in the evening. How faithful Ali was to the Carrier of Allah so that he genuinely did his duty.

After Uthman passed away, there was a vacancy in Islamic management for some time, after that Ali was suggested to be the next Caliph. Throughout his management, he skilled many challenges, because there were so many rebellions from teams that were split with their ideas. Ali container Abi Talib was the last individual in the KhulafaurAr-Rashidin.

5. Talhah container Ubaidillah, Guard of the Carrier of Allah that likes waqf

Talhah container Ubaidillah, one of the most charitable friends of the prophet is ensured to visit paradise

The name Talhah container Ubaidillah isn’t as widely known as the name Abu Bakr or Umar container Khattab, but the Prophet Muhammad called Talhah after Ali as a buddy of the prophet that was ensured to visit paradise.

When Islam concerned Capital, Talhah didn’t hesitate to approve the teachings of the Prophet. He instantly signed up with Islam. As lengthy as the Islamic da’wah was performed, Talhah took part in the battle and performed the jobs designated by the Prophet.

The Prophet gave the nicknames Talhah the Great Heart, Talhah the Charitable, and Talhah the Charitable. When Uhud, the Muslims were captured off protect and almost threatened the life of the Prophet. When the Quraysh were ready to attack the Carrier of Allah, Talhah instantly protected the Apostle until he shed his fingers.

Rasulullah said, “Whoever desires to see a saint strolling on the planet, after that he should see Talhah container ‘Ubaidillah.” (HR Tirmidhi 3672)


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