7 Powerful Tips to Get Rid of Sleepiness While Fasting

7 Powerful Tips to Get Rid of Sleepiness While Fasting

Maybe you are used to holding back emotions, hunger, or thirst when fasting. However, who would have thought that holding back drowsiness could be a difficult thing. Why do we get used to holding back our emotions? Because they often interact with annoying people, whether in the office or in public spaces. If you are hungry and thirsty? This boarding house boy is the most skilled, armed with a pack of instant liquid herbal medicine, a pack of torn bread, and a bottle of mineral water. Hunger and thirst were forgotten until the beginning of the month.

In order not to be defeated by drowsiness, here are four powerful tips to get rid of sleepiness while fasting:

Chat While Fasting

Chatting can actually help you reduce drowsiness while fasting. Because your alertness and concentration level will increase significantly. Try to start the conversation with interesting/heavy topics, not just small talk. Keep in mind, talking too often at work will make us less focused.

You also need to remember, the theme of the chat must be far from talking about disgraceful people, especially chats that lead to dirty things. If it’s like that, the fall becomes gossip.

Walk While Fasting

Sleepiness that appears during the day is usually caused by a lack of oxygen in the brain. A study in the United States showed that walking for 10 minutes can increase our body’s energy for the next 2 hours. Now you can walk in the office, when drowsiness begins to hit. But keep in mind, don’t walk to the motorbike/car parking and then go home.

 Change Scene While Fasting

Staring at a computer screen for a whole day will make your eyes tired quickly, and also cause drowsiness. Try to take your eyes off the computer screen for at least 20 seconds. Repeat every 20 or 30 minutes, to make the eyes fresh and more relaxed. Keep in mind, changing this view doesn’t mean you change your view from the computer to the cellphone screen. If so, your eyes are just not resting.

Sleep for a while Fasting

If indeed your drowsiness can not be resisted. That means it’s time for you to sleep for a while, aka a power nap. Even though it’s only for a short time, but a power nap can make the body fresh, you know. The duration is about 5-25 minutes. Do not be too long, because it will make you more weak. 

Avoid Washing Your Face While Fasting

The first thing that pops into our heads when we are drowsy is washing our faces. It’s true that washing your face makes you fresh, but only temporarily. Because after that the drowsiness will attack again.

Wink While Fasting

You can also blink a few times, when you start to feel sleepy while working. This method is usually able to reduce drowsiness. Repeat for a few minutes, if you feel very sleepy.

Find Sunshine While Fasting

If drowsiness begins to hit, you should look for sunlight or a light that is bright enough. Remember, sunlight or light is not SinarGarut (if you are looking for this, it means you are thirsty). Sunlight or lights will make you feel more refreshed.

Those are 7 activities you can do to get rid of drowsiness while fasting. Don’t forget, you have to get enough sleep at night. So that the body is always fit while fasting. May your Ramadan fasting worship run smoothly until Eid Al-Fitr, yes. Happy fasting!

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