8 Benefits of Reading Surah Ar Rahman, Intercession on the Day of Judgment until you are met with a soul mate

8 Benefits of Reading Surah Ar Rahman, Intercession on the Day of Judgment until you are met with a soul mate

Muslimcreed.com – Every letter contained in the Qur’an certainly has virtues that make the heart calmer and strengthen faith. Including, the letter Ar-Rahman which consists of 78 verses and contains notifications about Allah’s amazing favors.

Understanding the meaning of Surah Ar Rahman in the Koran when parsed in language, Ar Rahman means the Most Merciful.

In fact, one of the verses from this surah, there is repeated up to 31 times because it has a very great meaning.

Some Muslims may not know the virtues and benefits of reading Surat Ar-Rahman. In the Qur’an, Ar Rahman is the 55th sura consisting of 78 verses. One of the characteristics of this letter is the phrase ‘Fa biayyi alaa irobbikuma tukadzziban’ which is repeated 31 times. 

The verse means “Then which of the favors of God do you deny?”. Similar to other surahs in the Qur’an, Surah Ar-Rahman also has its own virtues and benefits. Here are the three virtues of Surah Ar-Rahman.

1. Increase Gratitude to Allah

Simple but hard to do, that’s gratitude. As God’s creatures, sometimes humans are negligent of their position and often blame God for what happened to them. Even though it is quite clear in Surah Ar-Rahman it is said that in this surah there is a repeated verse about gratitude which Allah SWT asks his servant. Through the verse fabiayyi ala’i rabbikuma tukadziban “Which other favors do you deny?”.

Surely it will make anyone who reads it remember how good Allah SWT is to every human being. Great gratitude will be embedded as the benefits of reading Surah Ar Rahman in spare time.

As a Muslim who believes, we should be ashamed if we complain too often to Allah. Humans always assume that their life is always filled with sadness and ugliness. In fact, he does not realize that every second we can breathe oxygen for free, we are given health to seek sustenance, and much more.

2. Get the Glory of Martyrs

A Muslim who has the habit of reading Surat Ar-Rahman, if he dies, he is the same as a martyr.

Reading Surah Ar Rahman is one of the efforts that a servant can make to return to his Lord in the best possible condition. Martyrs can be obtained for those who diligently read and contemplate every meaning.

3. Reminder That There Are Creatures Of God Other Than Humans

4. Get the pleasure of Allah SWT

The benefits of reading Surah Ar Rahman will make a person more pleasing to Allah SWT for all his actions. Likewise, Allah SWT loves all the weaknesses of his servants even more.

5. Always Remember Allah SWT

The benefits of reading Surah Ar Rahman will make the mouth, heart, and mind always be focused on Him alone, even though free time often leads in other directions.

All praise is said when a servant reads Surah Ar Rahman. Reminds also of the power of Allah SWT is very large. Then about how loving and merciful Allah SWT is to every human being.

6. Get intercession on the Day of Judgment

For someone who always reads Surah Ar-Rahman, when he wakes up at night or after praying, Allah will also make you meet him on the Day of Resurrection with the most beautiful human form and the most fragrant smell.

7. Loving Allah’s Creation

To be able to instill such a deep love, reading Surah Ar Rahman is not only able to awaken reason and reason, but also the subconscious to feel closer to his Lord.

8. Married dowry

The benefits of reading Surah Ar Rahman can be used for marriage dowries. This dowry can be given in the form of memorization. Especially for those who do not have assets that can be given when they want to get married.

Meanwhile, for those who have not met their soul mate, reading them can bring you closer to them. Of course with prayers delivered with sincerity.

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