8 Ways to thank God according to Islamic teachings

 Ways to thank God according to Islamic teachings

Thank God
Thank God

Thanking God must be applied in life from childhood. Therefore, as a Muslim, it is not easy to complain about the situation he is in.

Gratitude is a form of thanking God for all the blessings He has given us

Favors can take the form of many things, such as food sustenance, a harmonious family and physically and spiritually healthy that we always want.

Thanking God can be applied in words and actions. God promises to multiply the reward for His people who are always grateful to Him

Accept His provisions sincerely, gracefully, and don’t complain much. This is an example of being grateful for the blessings that God has given.

Remember that many people are still not as lucky as us, so try to always thank God and reduce envy and envy towards others.

There are several ways to help you, to always be grateful to God, one of which is to always keep God in your heart.

Here are eight ways to thank God according to Islamic teachings, which we can use as guidance, quoted from the pages in Islam and Hijrahdulu, Sunday (1/8/2021).

How to thank God

1. Always remember God in your heart.

The easiest way for a Muslim to thank Allah SWT is to always keep God in his heart.

He always remembers God whenever and wherever he is. In fact, a Muslim must realize that God has created us.

The beautiful universe, the air we breathe, the food we eat from plants and animals, and the people around us who love us, are all blessings by Allah SWT. Therefore, guard our hearts every second to remember his greatness.

2. Always remember God’s promises.

Allah knows what His Servant does and wants. One form of thanking God is to always remember the promises He will give.

God loves and calms His grateful people. Because of God’s promise to people who are always grateful, they will be spared the torment in the future. In addition, heaven is also the main guarantee.

3. Stay away from liver disease

Diseases that arise in the heart of a Muslim can make him ungrateful and Kufr for the blessings that have been given by God

With that, we must be able to guard our hearts from bad things like Riya, jealousy, envy and haughtiness. To cleanse the heart, Muslims can start by reading the Koran, helping with Islamic studies and avoiding things that are not true.

4. Remembering the consequences if you stay away from Allah SWT

One of the next ways to thank God that can be done is to always remember the consequences that occur if they deny and turn away from Allah SWT.

If a Muslim always complains, of course God will give misfortune in his life. Therefore, whatever a Muslim feels, he must always be grateful and leave everything to Allah SWT.

5. Thanks to others

One way of thanking God’s blessings is always thanking others. Expressing gratitude through speech, can be used as a form of effort to thank Allah SWT.

Surely God will give glory to His people who are always grateful. Then, never tire of saying thank you to others.

6. Increase piety.

Gratitude is not only done through the heart and verbally, but also must be done through facts. One of them is when you become a believer.

Carry out all God’s commands and stay away from His prohibitions. For example, by always keeping the five daily prayers, performing ZakarFitrah, reading the Koran, fasting in the month of Ramadan, and not doing things that smell bad.

7. Give charity to people who need help

Giving charity to people who need help is proof that we are grateful for the blessings that God has given.

Therefore, we must not forget to practice giving alms to people who need help. The small amount is not a problem, as long as we are sincere, then God will definitely write down our deeds and reward us.

8. Don’t always look up

The way to thank God is to always be sincere with what He has given us and be jealous of others

We don’t always see the lives of people who are the richest, more successful or more beautiful than us. However, a Muslim also looks at the lives of those below him.

People who are completely inadequate, people who are physically imperfect, or those who live alone, and they always complain about the situation they are in, it will make them a servant who will never be grateful.

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