A short history of the city of Medina that you need to know


A short history of the city of Medina that you need to know

Muslim Creed The city of Medina is an extremely important place for the spread out of Islam on the planet. The history of the city of Medina or Medina Al Munawwarah, (also MadinatRasul Allah, Madīnah an-Nabī) is the main city in Saudi Arabia. 

Medina is a busy city visited or visited by Muslims. In this city stands the Prophet’s Mosque which has a concern for Muslims.

In the Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Petition in my mosque (Nabawi Mosque) has a benefit of 1000 times. And petition in the Grand Mosque (Capital) has a benefit of 100000x. 

The city has a populace of about 600,000. For Muslims, this city is considered a divine city. At the moment of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, Medina became the facility of Islamic da’wah, teaching, and federal government. 

It was from this city that Islam spread out throughout the Arabian Peninsula, and after that spread out to all components of the globe.

A short history of the city of Medina

Throughout the regime of the Footrest Turks, there was a train line connecting Medina with Amman (Jordan) and Damascus (Syria). It belongs to the Istanbul (Turkey)-Haifa (Israel) train line known as the Hejaz Train. Now this line is gone and the Medina train terminal has become a gallery. 

This city is approximately 600 kilometers north of the city of Capital. In the previous, it could take a very long time to get to Medina (approximately a month) by camel. 

On the other hand, currently, it can be reached in simply 6 hrs via the highway built by the Saudi Arabian federal government. This path was formerly used for the smooth transport of pilgrims.

 Presently, aside from using the land path, the city of Medina can also be accessed via air with a worldwide flight terminal which is mainly used throughout the Hajj period at King Abdul Aziz Flight terminal in Jeddah. 

Geographically, the city is fairly level, bordered by hills and hillsides, and has a desert environment.

The name of the city before the entrance of Islam

The city of Medina the duration before the development of Islam was known as Yathrib. The city of Yathrib was once a trading facility. That, after the Prophet Muhammad emigrated from the Capital, this city was changed to Medina as a facility for the development of Islam until the Prophet passed away and was hidden there. 

Additionally, this city became the facility of the buddies and successors of the Prophet Muhammad, until it was known as the city facility of the caliphate. There were 3 Caliphs that ruled from this city, specifically Abu Bakr, Umar container Khattab, and Uthman container Affan. 

Throughout the management of Ali container, Abi Talib the facility of the federal government moved to Kufa in Iraq because of political chaos because of the assassination of the caliph Uthman by the rebels.

A short history of the city of Medina after power moved to the Umayyads, the facility of the federal government was transferred to Damascus when the federal government transferred to the Abbasids, and the federal government was removed again to the city of Baghdad. 

At the moment of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, the residents of the city of Medina were Muslims and Jews whose presence was protected. However, because of the dishonesty of individuals in Medina throughout the Ahzab battle, the Jews were removed from Medina. 

Currently Medina with the divine city of Capital under the solution of the federal government of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is the slave of both divine cities.


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