Are Sports Halal and Haram in Islam?

Sport is an activity that can make our bodies healthier and fitter. Did you know that Prophet Muhammad SAW also encouraged us to exercise? The following is a series of sports exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad.

Are Sports Halal and Haram in Islam?

There are so many types of sports that are allowed in Islam, as long as they are beneficial and not harmful.

As Muslims, it is imperative to follow all things according to the commands of Allah and the Messenger. Even in terms of maintaining health, Islam commands to follow various sports recommended by the Prophet.

Some of the types of sports recommended by the Prophet are actually quite easy to do, such as swimming and running.

Not only easy, the type of exercise recommended by the Prophet is also fairly cheap and does not need special tools.

As Muslims, we should always maintain our health by doing sports recommended by the Prophet, because in carrying out all types of worship in Islam, both prayer and pilgrimage, we need a strong and healthy body.

Prophet Muhammad SAW had three favorite sports, namely swimming, archery, horse riding and many others. In addition, Rasulullah SAW also liked to walk and run to keep his body in shape. 

So what are the sports exemplified and recommended by the Prophet Muhammad SAW?

1. Swim

Swimming has a variety of benefits that are very good for the body because swimming is very effective in burning the body’s calories. Swimming turned out to be one of the sports recommended by the Prophet.

2. Riding

Doing equestrian sports, besides having benefits for physical health, interaction with horses will also improve instincts and human relationships with animals, especially pets.

It turns out that one of the sports recommended by the Prophet and perhaps quite popular for Muslims is horse riding.

3. Fast Walk

The companions said that the Prophet Muhammad really liked to walk so fast. It is even explained in a hadith that the way the Prophet walked seemed to be walking on a downward path, and the Companions needed great effort to follow the Prophet’s step by step.

4. Run

One of the sports recommended by the Prophet may be fairly practical, easy, and very cheap to do.

Even at one time, the Prophet had agreed to the wishes of the companions to hold a running competition. And, even the Prophet actually participated in the competition with his wife, namely Aisyah.

5. Archery

Archery is a sport that requires dexterity, concentration, and also accuracy of aim. In addition to being physically very strong in order to be able to pull the bowstring, to be able to aim right at the target also requires a very high concentration that comes from the ability to control oneself.

In fact, during the war at the time of the Prophet, archery was a ‘strength’ that helped Muslims achieve victory.

The power in question is listed by Allah SWT in His word in the Qur’an Surah Al-Anfal verse 60,

Sports law cannot be generalized as haram or permissible. However, based on the material, there are sports that are recommended because they are included in the skills of jihad.

There are also forms of sports that are forbidden, such as boxing, bullfighters, free fighting (fighting) and others that result in harm to the opponent or animal. In addition, there are also forms of exercise that do not fall into the category of dexterity in jihad nor do they harm opponents or animals, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, surfing, table tennis, jogging and others that are useful for physical fitness.

For this last type of sport, the scholars differ on the law. The first opinion, some contemporary scholars also forbid this type of sport because it is always accompanied by things that are haram, such as players wearing clothes that do not cover the genitals, often ending in hostility and commotion between fellow club or team supporters, and often neglecting dhikr and prayer. .

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