Atikah, A Charitable Female Friend and Expert in Hadith

Atikah, A Charitable Female Friend and Expert in Hadith – When the Carrier of Allah (SAW) passed away, it was the buddies and the Sahabiyah that gave the choice or fatwa using the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad. The hadiths of the Prophet were preserved by man and female buddies (shahabiyah) by remembering

The buddy that memorized the hadith of the Prophet was Abu Hurairah and amongst the ladies was Aisha, the spouse of the Prophet. Along with the spouse of the Prophet Aisyah that memorized a great deal of hadith, AtikahbintYazid container Nufail also memorized a great deal of hadith.

Atikah is a worthy shahabiyah, descendant of Quraysh, and sibling of Said container Zaid, among 10 individuals that have been ensured entrance right into paradise. His mom Atikahbint Zaid container Amru container Nufail was Umm Kuraizbint Al Hadram.

Abu Malik Muhammad container Hamid in his book ‘150 Shalihah Ladies Excellent Muslimahs of All Time’ cites, amongst the ladies of Quraysh, Atikahbint Zaid was well-known as an significant poet. He is also proficient at communicating and smart. Additionally, Atikahbint Zaid has a beautiful face and a fantastic mind.

Atikah is no stranger to the scientific research and background of hadith. Because he lived throughout the tabi’in, an extremely energetic duration of hadith scientific research. Atikah is one that obtains knowledge from the mouths of scholars that obtain narrations from friends and elderly tabiin. Atikah has a big role in the transmission of hadith.

Atikah has a role in the hadith as specified by Abu Zurah when he mentioned it in the category of ladies that are hadith experts that are concentrated and at the forefront of the area of hadith. “Consisting of the lady that instructs hadith in Sham from amongst ladies is Atikah.”

While Ibn Sumai consisted of it in his Tabaqat book at the 3rd generation degree. Ibn Asakir said, “Muhajir container Amr container Muhajir al-Ansar told a hadith from Atikah.”

Atikah and the ladies of her time weren’t captured up in the world of magnificence. It is simply that Atikah is more informative, gives more and is more sincere in assisting the bad.

Additionally, Atikah is also delicate in various other social problems, she constantly observes the misery skilled by the bad, she sees the misery they (the bad) experience.

Atikah’s work that she often does is, she constantly gives clothes to the bad and spot up the injuries of those that are ill throughout the battle. Atikah not just contributed something small from her own, but she headed out bringing all her riches to the bad and the family. Abu Sufyan.

Another benefit of Atikah is that the lady that lived throughout this tabiin duration was one of the most effective in the federal government, because she had 12 man mahrams.

Additionally, consisting of reputable ladies in her time, in regards to knowledge because of the good manners and the the aristocracy of Atikah. In her life Atikah constantly combines all the merits of worship in one attitude.

Atikah, the name offered to is the name of a location in Damascus located outside the entryway of Al-Jabiya. Atikah and her hubby Abdul Malik container Marwan lived gladly in the royal residence.

But after a couple of years Abdul Malik passed away, leaving Yazid and Marwan. It remained in this specify of sufficiency that Atikah matured and lived her entire life in Damascus. However, this didn’t make him forget the bad.

As told in book 101 of the tale of Tabi’in. Once her hubby, Abdul Malik, suggested to her to donate his large ton of money to Yazid and Marwan, their children.

Inning accordance with her hubby, Atikah’s prize would certainly be better for her children compared to for herself. Initially Abdul Malik thought his spouse would certainly take his advice.

Besides, a mom must be ready to give everything for her children. But obviously not so, Atikah has decided for what property she has.

He gently said that his children were his father’s dependents and because his dad was a caliph there was no concern that they would certainly live in hardship.

Later on, they too will become caliphs that are materially well off. So Atikah decided to give all her riches to the bad from the BaniSufyan. “They need my riches more to obtain a better life,” said Atikah.

Her hubby could not do anything because it was Atikah’s individual property. Riches alone is absolutely nothing compared with knowledge. From a young age, Atikah was diligent in examining. He learned a great deal from many scholars, particularly in the scientific research of transmitting hadith which during that time was being proactively exercised.

Atikah after that consists of ladies tabi’in that told the hadith. His trainees also told hadith from him. Thus, knowledge and riches appeared to collect in Atikah.


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