Believe in the last day and end bad habits

Believe in the last day and end bad habits

Believe in the last day and end bad habits

Muslimcreed – Have you ever seen a person planting a tree? People who plant mango trees certainly hope that one day they will harvest mangoes. Those who harvest rice hope to harvest rice. Likewise our life in this world, we are commanded to plant as much goodness as possible, so that later in the hereafter we can reap or harvest the reward for that good plant.

This is in accordance with the message of the Prophet Muhammad that life in the world is a field for planting. If what we plant is good, later in the hereafter we will reap goodness, on the other hand, if what we sow is bad, later what we will harvest is the bad that we have done.

Let us reflect for a moment, in essence life in this world is only temporary and temporary. No one will live forever in this world, right? It’s a shame if we don’t take advantage of this opportunity not long ago to find provisions for life in the hereafter. 

Lots of people procrastinate doing good deeds because there is still plenty of time, teenagers often spend their time having fun, youths using their time to have fun. They forget that death can come suddenly and unexpectedly. Once death has come, our opportunity to plant goodness is over.

Therefore, do not waste any more time. Let’s multiply the good deeds and stop the bad habits to reach a better afterlife.

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The meaning of the last day and the various doomsday

Belief in the Last Day or the Day of Judgment is the fifth pillar of faith. Muslims must believe and believe that the last day will surely come. Humans will be resurrected from the grave to receive the judgment of Allah swt. This is in accordance with the word of Allah swt Q.S al-Hajj verse 7

Faith in the hereafter is believing that the entire universe, including the world and everything in it, will experience destruction. The final day is marked by the blowing of the angel Israel’s trumpet. It is explained that on that day, the land, sea, and celestial bodies were destroyed. 

Mountains erupted, shattered, and scattered. The ocean overflowed and spilled all its contents. The objects in the sky moved uncontrollably. Stars, planets and moons collide with each other.

All humans panicked, they ran helter-skelter and did not have time to recognize their relatives anymore. All wanted to save themselves, but in the end all died, crumbled, and faced the divine. Not only humans die, all plants, animals, germs, bacteria, viruses, jinn, and devils also experience death. Allah is great with all His power.

The scholars classify the apocalypse into two types, namely the sugra apocalypse and the kubra apocalypse.

a. doomsday sugra (minor doomsday), namely the occurrence of death that befell some human beings. For example: someone dies due to illness, accident, tsunami disaster, flood, landslide, and so on.

b. Kubra apocalypse (great apocalypse), namely the occurrence of death and destruction that befell the entire universe. The world, shattered, broken, and destroyed. Human life will change to a new realm, namely the afterlife. Kubra apocalypse is experienced by all living things in the universe without exception. This incident occurred in a comprehensive manner so you can imagine that the atmosphere at that time was very tense and extraordinary. If it has been willed by Allah swt nothing can hinder His power and greatness.

We often see small apocalypse events in the form of death in our daily lives. The little apocalypse is the end of the lives of those who experience it. For people who are still alive, this is a very valuable lesson that in time we will also experience it. The apocalypse has not yet happened. The incident can only be known through information and news from Allah swt and His messenger.

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