Recommendations for Safe Exercises to Stay Fit while Fasting

Doing exercise while fasting usually sounds scary and tiring, because when exercising a person will spend a lot of energy and energy. Not infrequently also someone will quickly feel hungry and thirsty after exercising. For this reason, not a few have decided to stop exercising while fasting, especially in the …

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Tips for Passing Fasting Time in America

Fasting isn’t simply keeping back thirst and appetite. Fasting is a place to practice self-discipline from bad wishes, and obtain better to the Developer. For those people that fast and live in Indonesia, fasting is fairly easy because all places of food and entertainment recognize the fasting individual. What about …

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The Three Levels of Fasting According to Imam Ghazali

The term fasting in Arabic is called “as-Shiyaam” or “as-Shaum” which means “to hold back”. Meanwhile, according to what was stated by Sheikh Al-Imam Al-‘Alim Al-Allamah Syamsuddin Abu Abdillah Muhammad bin Qasim Asy-Syafi’i in his book “Fathul Qarib” that fasting is to refrain from everything that invalidates the fast with …

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