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6 Messages of Imam Al-Ghazali You Should Know

  Muslimcreed.com – Imam Al-Ghazali is a popular scholar and expert in the Islamic viewpoint and prefers to add to the development of human progress. He is among one the most well-known scholars in this hemisphere, particularly in Arab nations. Someday, Imam Al-Ghazali and his trainees collected for a recitation. …

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3 Inspiring Stories of Positivity from Islam

  Muslimcreed – Can you imagine a place where positivity is discouraged? Where negativity, cynicism, and frowns are the status quo? There are places in the world like that, but it’s our obligation to bring more light into those places through our own happiness and positivity.  Muslim countries have positive …

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Unbelievable True Story About The Keys Of Kaaba

Muslim Creed – What are the Keys of Kaaba? The Keys of Kaaba are two precious silver keys that Muslim pilgrims walk seven times around the Kaaba or House of God in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It’s not just any old keys, but it’s also given as inheritance to only one …

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