The tale of the sheikh of Egypt and the lady that isn’t veiled

Muslimcreed.com The cleric and respected preacher from Egypt that passed away in 1996, Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazali said: A lady clothed ‘inappropriately’ strolled right into my workplace. I was a bit unpleasant when I saw her look for the very first time. But from the search in his eyes, he looked …

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The Story of Prophet Ibrahim Against Satan’s Trick

  Muslim creed –  Human life that is natural, holy and noble is often a sunnah (rule) of Allah that in its journey it experiences various interruptions (distractions, temptations, challenges). This is where humans are then divided in two. Some are “Muhtadiin (stay above fitrah) and some are “dhoolliin” (slipped from …

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