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Status of Children Out of Wedlock in Shari’a View

  Factors of free association that are increasingly prevalent, infidelity/adultery and cases of rape. The impact that arises is of course not just a violation of the normal limits of morality, but also pregnancy that will be experienced by the woman.  Likewise, victims of rape cases are not only disgraced, …

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Children are sustenance and trust from Allah

Children are sustenance and trust from Allah Someone asked a scholar in a recitation: Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings. Is it true that the conclusion that many children have a lot of sustenance is because I see some people believe in this and have more children, …

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Effective Ways to Teach Children to be Patient

The biggest difficulty for parents is patience. Moreover, dealing with children requires extraordinary patience when the child is still small. Sometimes many mothers experience the baby blues after giving birth due to lack of patience. But a mother is required to be full of patience. Even should be able to …

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