Definition and benefits of grants



Definition and benefits of grants

MUSLIMCREED.COM – In everyday life, surely you often hear the term grant. The term grant is usually defined by many people with some kind of gift. For example, in state affairs, some media often interpret grants as giving funds from one agency to another in a fairly large amount.


Basically, a grant can indeed be said to be something that is given from someone while he is still alive to someone he wants. Grants are quite often found in various social events, such as giving land from someone to be used by a social, educational, or religious institution.

Sometimes also, grants can be given in the form of goods or money. Giving this type of grant is common when parents give inheritance to their children before death. Giving grants themselves can also be done by siblings to siblings such as property or property.

Definition of Grant

As explained above, a grant is a form of gift from someone who is still alive to another person. Grants can be realized in the form of several types of movable goods and several types of immovable goods. There are also examples of immovable goods that are often encountered, namely property and land.

Besides being able to be given to people, grants can also be given to a social, educational, or religious foundation. The grant is usually intended to provide a gift as a form of someone’s support for an institution.

However, many people equate the meaning of grant with inheritance, even though they have different meanings. The difference between a gift and an inheritance lies in the person making the gift, inheritance is a gift made by someone who has died. In contrast to the grant made by someone who is still alive.

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary, a grant has the meaning as a voluntary gift with the procedure of transferring ownership of rights to another person. The meaning of this definition is almost the same as the understanding understood by most people. In addition, the grantees no longer have an obligation to provide compensation to the grantor.

However, the concept of a grant that occurs is not as easy as the principle of giving and receiving. There are various forms of giving, from a large amount of money to an item of great value. Under applicable civil law rules, grants are required to include evidence. It is intended that it cannot be sued by a third party.

The granting of a grant can be said to be valid and can be valid for various parties involved if the recipient of the grant has confirmed the acceptance by using a notarial deed basis.

Land Grant Explanation

The procedure for implementing a grant on land and buildings is almost the same as the procedure for buying and selling. An indispensable component in implementing a grant is land and data from the giver or the grantee.

When receiving a land grant, there is a potential that the received grant has been accommodated with the tax object. This is because the grantee gets land ownership rights for free, so that the acquisition of rights from inheritance is a tax object that is subject to tax.

The Importance of Making Land Grants

In grant activities, the making of land grants has a very important role. This is because grants generally have a fairly large amount. Therefore, giving a land grant to someone needs strong evidence so that there is no potential for a claim against the party receiving it.

The thing that needs to be done in order to avoid this bad potential is to provide a grant, which must also be accompanied by a letter of approval from the heirs of the grantor such as biological children. Not only that, in making grants it should be in accordance with the absolute rights of the inheritance portion of the heirs that have been determined in the law.

Land Grant Benefits

As stated above, a letter of grant has a very important benefit because it becomes evidence or an official document. Therefore, the preparation of the letter is usually carried out by the Land Deed Making Officer or it can be abbreviated as PPAT with the presence of witnesses who are in accordance with the applicable conditions.

The benefits that can be felt by the community are clear provisions regarding someone who has immovable assets so that they can be given to the desired party, such as educational, social and educational foundations or it can be done to heirs or children.

The implementation of land grants can be used for social purposes such as the construction of schools, houses of worship, to orphanages. The benefits of land grants can certainly have a lot of influence on the grantor. And, the benefits that can be obtained by families such as children or close relatives, namely land grants, are more based on asset security.

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