Description of Throwing Jumrah in Hajj

Description of Throwing Jumrah in Hajj

Muslim creed – On the trip, there are several collection that can just be performed outside the city of Capital. This collection is what differentiates Hajj from Umrah.

When at the top of the collection of pilgrimages, specifically on the 9th of Dzulhijjah, the parish will perform the routine of wukuf in Aafah. After that most likely to Muzdalifah in the mid-day to stand up or stay overnight. Just after that the next day the parish will perform the throwing jumroh in Mina. Before leaving for the divine land or before bring out the routine of throwing jumrah, you should know the meaning of throwing jumrah as well as the following various other points.

Jumrah Rock Dimension

Throwing jumrah is ordered to use rocks, and it’s not enabled to use objects various other compared to rocks, such as iron, timber, pearls, gold, silver, glass, and so forth. The dimension of the rock used to toss the jumrah is the dimension of a peanut. Or otherwise smaller sized when compared with green bean seeds.

But also no larger compared to a catapult rock. The decision of the dimension is intended so that the rock used to toss the jumrah doesn’t hurt if the toss misses out on and strikes individuals.

Another factor is to avoid ghuluw or exaggeration in bring out spiritual worship. Along with its dimension which should not be too large, the rock used to toss the jumrah must be divine or clean.

Variety of Jumrah Rocks

The second point you need to know about jumah throwing is the variety of rocks. The variety of rocks used to toss the jumrah is adapted to how many days the pilgrims do mabit or remain in Mina.

If the parish stays for 3 days in Mina, after that 70 rocks rate to be taken. However, if the parish just passes away or stays for 2 days in Mina, after that the rocks taken are 49 grains. Pilgrims that are ordered to gather stones are female pilgrims.

Where to Obtain Jumrah Rock

The rocks used for throwing the jumrah can be looked for by the parish while remaining or remaining at Muzdhalifah. This is intended so that the parish is better ready when they are mosting likely to toss the jumrah in Mina. However, rocks for throwing jumrah can be found anywhere. This is according to the instance of the Prophet Muhammad. During that time, Prophet Muhammad SAW searched for 7 rocks to toss the jumrah ‘aqabah in Muzdalifah. On the other hand, 21 various other rocks were looked for in Mina to toss the jumrah on 3 days of tasrik.

Jumrah Throwing Day

The application of throwing jumrah is typically performed within 4 days. However, if you want to reduce it, it can be provided for 3 days, specifically when the day of Nahar starts until 2 or 3 days after it.

The Meaning of Throwing Jumrah

The initial purpose of throwing the jumrah by Prophet Ibrahim was to exorcise the evil one that during that time appeared when he was bring out the trip. However, the meaning of throwing jumrah doesn’t imply actually throwing the evil one that is about or connected to the jumrah. However, the meaning of throwing jumrah is to earn the evil one feel discomfort and constantly remember Allah SWT. Therefore, when throwing the jumrah the parish is suggested to recite dhikr as well as takbir.

Those are 5 aspects of the ins and outs and the meaning of throwing jumrah that you need to know before leaving to perform worship in the divine land.

Hopefully we can all most likely to the divine land to perform the trip. Amen.


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