We as Muslims believe that the day of judgment or destruction of the world would occur, in which all human beings on earth will be lost, including people believe will not be there, the mountains will release their contents, the sky will be split, the animals should be destroyed and crops as well will be lost. Even Jin and angels will be destroyed as well, only God is eternal will not be destroyed. Judgment Day event is obligatory for Muslim believers. Because, faith in the judgment is the 5th pillar of faith. By believing in the ratings, Muslims must avoid all conduct that is prohibited by Allah and multiplying good deeds to get the prize and erase the sins that have been committed.

Humans will feel the coming of the day of judgment is that they feel do not believe in God, who returned to the age of ignorance (ignorance of the religion). The believers will die before the day of judgment comes, because doomsday is for unbelievers as severe torment in the world.

Concerning the coming of the day of judgment, according to Islam, no one knows, neither the angels, the prophets, or messengers, these problems are problems invisible and only God knows. As mentioned in the verses of the Qur’an and the authentic Hadith Muhammad. Allah said surah al-a’raf verse 187 :

al-a’raf verse 187

In Islam, scholars divide the Judgment into two types, namely Sugra and Kubro.

1. Judgment Sugro

judgmentSugra is the end of some life in the world that can be experienced by believers or people who do not believe. Doomsday is commonly referred to as a minor apocalypse such as volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis and so on. Indeed, Sugra Judgment is a natural disaster to befall a person’s death.

Rasulullah saw once said in a hadith regarding the assessment Sugro that reads: “If one of you dies, the chair pointed out to him in the morning and evening. If he is an expert in heaven, then he will clearly see the image. Himself as an expert in hell. said to him, “This is your seat until Allah raise you on the day of resurrection”. (Narrated by Bukhari).

2. Judgment Kubro

Kondaypse Kubro is the destruction of the entire universe and the creatures in it. Judgment Kubro only affects those who do not believe, because people believe in God will die before the day of judgment occur.

Judgment Kubro marked by the blowing of trumpets by the angel Israfil. Rasulullah saw said in a hadith that Kubro vote will happen on Friday, but no one knows for sure when the day of judgment will happen, only God knows.


Evidence of the Qur’an about the coming of the Day of Judgment

No one knows when the Day of Judgment will occur, only Allah knows this. To know about the Day of Judgment Allah SWT has said in the Al-Quran Surah Al-Muzammil verse 18, surah Al-Zalzalah versem1-2 and Surah az-Zumar verse 68.

Dalil Kiamat

Above is the appearance of the Day of Judgment along with the types and naqli arguments that you need to know. Hopefully the above information can be useful and can strengthen our faith and piety to Allah SWT on the Day of Judgment to come.

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