Effective Ways to Relieve Husband’s Emotions According to Islamic View

Effective Ways to Relieve Husband's Emotions According to Islamic View

Relieve Husband’s Emotions According to Islamic View

“Dealing with emotions is not easy, but you have to be patient.”


Everyone has emotions that are sometimes volatile. However, do you know how to relieve emotions?


As parents, you are very susceptible to stress and depression.

The demands of being a perfect mother in the midst of limitations can create emotional instability. Moreover, there are many things that must be taken care of by Moms.

Sometimes Moms can get emotional when facing your little one in the midst of all the work and thoughts that don’t stop.

There is a theory that if your little one is near his mother, he will become more acting many times over. Have you ever felt it too?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, really. There are many other mothers out there who feel the same way.

But don’t let the negative and angry emotions that you release can have a bad impact on your little one.

Reporting from Sharia Consultation, the Prophet said so that humans are not easily provoked by their emotions.

لا تغضب ولك الجنة

“Don’t be angry, to you heaven.” (HistoricalHadith. Thabraniin the book Sahih At-Tarhib no. 2749)

In His word, Allah SWT also mentions how special it is to suppress anger.

So that it can make you a pious person, as stated in the Ali Imran verse 134.

“Those who are pious are those who spend (their wealth), both in leisure and narrow times, and those who restrain their anger and forgive (mistakes) people. Allah loves those who do good.”

Dealing with anger is not an easy matter. It’s no wonder that anger management-themed training is widely found in the community.

But it’s not impossible that Moms can suppress anger when emotions run wild in the chest.

9 Effective Ways to Relieve Emotions According to the Islamic View

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “It is not the (real) strong person who (always beats his opponent in) struggles (fights), but none other than the (real) strong person who is able to control himself when angry.”

Can relieve emotions make a person strong. Why is that? Because it is difficult for most people to do.

The real victory is winning against lust, including the desire to vent anger, right?

If the ways to relieve your emotions still don’t work, you can try some of the following ways to relieve your emotions:

1. Silence is Gold

The saying silence is gold has some truth in it. Moms can be alone first, go to the bedroom to be quiet for a moment.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath before you already utter words full of emotion, even abusive words to your little one.

Parenting expert Mrs. EllyRisman, as quoted in Friends of the Family of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, reminded parents to keep their mouths shut.

“Watch your tongue, old man. Don’t ever scold your child just because he spilled his milk or because he did something you thought was wrong. Your child doesn’t know that what he did was a mistake. His brain doesn’t have that concept yet.”

Silence and getting away from your little one is quite effective as a way to relieve emotions that make you relax, refresh your mind and heart again.

2. Take a Lower Position

When you feel like you are about to vent your anger, the way to relieve your emotions that you can do is to immediately take a lower position than the original position.

Yes, it’s a good idea to sit or lie down immediately. The Messenger of Allah once gave the following advice:

“If you are angry, and he is in a standing position, he should sit down. Because then his anger will disappear. If it has not gone away, he should take a sleeping position.” (Narrated by Ahmad 21348, Abu Daud 4782 and their narrators are considered authentic by Shuaib Al-Arnauth).

3. Immediately Wudhu or Bath

The real way to relieve emotions can also be soaked by a refreshing and soothing splash of water.

If you feel emotional, immediately perform ablution or take a bath.

Rasulullah once said, “Verily anger is from Satan and Satan was created from fire. Fire will be extinguished with water. If one of you is angry, he should perform ablution.”

4. Strengthen the Support System

The stress and depression experienced by Moms can be caused by various things.

Find the root of the problem so you can find the right way to relieve your emotions.

The problems that many moms face are usually due to the large amount of work that has piled up, both experienced by working moms and stay-at-home moms.

That’s why it’s better if the support system that moms have is also strong. Invite your husband to take on more roles at home.

If necessary, hire ART to be able to help Moms do the daily work at home which is very time-consuming.

This way you have time to “breathe” and re-stabilize your emotions in suppressing anger.

If a strong support system has been formed, you can think more about yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself by doing things you love and doing hobbies.

After that, return to the Little One with a happy and shining face. Little ones can feel Moms who love him more.

Take time to play with your little one without being interrupted by gadgets. Keep your gadgets away for a moment and feel the strong bond between Moms and Little Ones again.

How to Defuse Husband’s Emotions

In married life, we don’t always feel happy.

There are times when we feel annoyed that emotions arise. Usually this often happens due to the many problems in the office, then carried over to the house.

So, if your husband is emotional, how do you deal with it? Check out how to relieve your husband’s emotions below.

5. Start by Understanding the Underlying Problem

You won’t win her heart by demanding that your husband be emotionally responsive to you.

The way to defuse your husband’s emotions, writes Psycom, is to give your husband enough time to open up about what happened or why he is the way he is.

If you give him enough time to digest the fact that we are his wife and someone he can rely on, slowly his temper will subside.

It is also important for us to express it early.

6. Keep Calm

Even though you are very upset with the anger expressed by your husband, the way to calm your husband’s emotions as much as possible is to contain it.

Leave it at the limit and don’t increase it. If you are calm, your mind will be clearer.

Don’t get too emotional because this can be dangerous. Instead of subsided, it can even be more difficult to resolve.

7. Don’t rush to give a solution

The way to relieve the husband’s emotions is not to force our will.

It’s okay to give input, but that doesn’t mean every input you give directly has to be done by the husband, right?

Avoid always trying to fix every problem your husband is facing, Moms.

Constantly giving solutions without consideration and not wanting to listen to your husband when he talks, aka feeling the most correct, can actually make the mood worse.

It would be much better if Moms listened to Dads tell the story first to the end, and then tried to give advice without being pushy.

Avoid taking responsibility for trying to fix all the problems your husband is having.

8. Gives a sense of security

Giving a sense of security can be a way to relieve a husband’s emotions which is also effective.

Reassure your husband that you will love him despite his explosive emotions.

Quite often the underlying cause is a childhood trauma, tragedy or rejection or an event that influences them to stop being emotional.

9. Patiently Waiting

The next way to relieve the husband’s emotions is to patiently wait. Even though it feels difficult, patience is needed when dealing with an angry husband.

Understand that you are going through a difficult time.

If your husband seems distant, quieter than usual or even outbursts, try to remain calm and understanding. Give your husband time to calm down again.

If his emotions are under control, Dads will automatically go back to doing their daily routines as usual.

While waiting for that time, keep showing your love and care for Moms, okay?

Here are some effective ways to deal with and relieve your husband’s emotions. Try it, Moms!

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