Faith in Angels in Islam

Faith in angels

Faith in Angels: Interpretation, examples of behavior, and wisdom

The following is the interpretation of faith in angels, complete with the names of angels, the duties of angels, the character of angels, to the purpose of faith in angels in this post. Faith in angels is the second pillar of faith. Meanwhile, believing in the existence of angels is a must for Muslims. The presence of angels is a sign of the power of Allah SWT. Angels are creatures of Allah SWT who cannot be seen with the five senses. Not only that, angels always obey Allah’s commands and never argue.

Then what is the interpretation of Faith to angels?

Faith in angels is believing and believing that Allah SWT has created angels who are given the task of managing nature and managing the universe’s expeditions and certain other tasks.

The names of angels and their duties

In the Qur’an, only the names of 10 angels and their duties are explained.

Here are 10 names of angels and their duties:

1. Jibril: Delivering revelation to the Prophets and Apostles.

2. Mikail: Provides sustenance and rains.

3. Israfil: Blow the trumpet on the Day of Judgment.

4. Israel: Taking life.

5. Rakib: Record good deeds.

6. Atid: Record bad deeds.

7. Munkar: Checking and questioning human deeds in the grave.

8. Nakir: Checking and questioning human deeds in the grave.

9. Malik: Guarding hell.

10. Ridwan: Guarding heaven.

Known, angels are creatures with supernatural nature and always submit to Allah SWT. That’s why these angels are infallible (free from sin). Then what are the other attributes of angels?

As Muslims, it is useful to recognize the characteristics of angels. There are also characteristics of Angels quoted from various sources, namely as follows.

1. Not Arrogant

One of the characteristics that angels have is that they are not arrogant. Unlike the case with humans and jinn who are often arrogant and determined. This matter is also stated in QS An-Nahl verse 49.

2. Created from Nur

Jinn and demons were created from fire and humans were created from earth. On the other hand, angels are created from light (light) by Allah SWT from light. Things like that distinguish angels from devils, jinn, and humans.

3. Submit to Allah SWT

The next angel’s character that is different from humans, demons or jinn is that angels are always submissive and obedient to Allah SWT. As is known, humans must also be obedient, but sometimes they also disobey.

4. Do not eat and drink

Angels don’t have lust, that’s why angels don’t need food or drink. Even though they don’t eat or drink, angels always want to live according to the will of Allah. Unlike humans, who need to eat and drink to live.

5. No gender

The next Angel’s character that distinguishes him from humans is that angels are genderless. As is known, humans are divided into 2 sexes, namely men and women.

6. Never get tired of worshiping

Angels were created by Allah SWT to always obey and obey Him. If Allah (SWT) orders to glorify, then the angels will immediately glorify. If Allah SWT orders the angels to prostrate, then the angels will prostrate.

7. Able to Change Forms

Angels also have a character that can change shape or form. Sometimes it changes like a human or a horse. This matter is also stated in QS. Maryam’s Message: 17

An example of an attitude of faith in angels

– Always seek and ask for grace and be grateful

Always ask Allah for all protection from all calamities

– Trying to prepare for death

– Always ask Allah to be expanded in the grave and be relieved from the torment of the grave

-Always have a good desire in all actions, both words and deeds

– Avoid bad desires, dirty words, bad deeds, and avoid despicable behavior

– Always ask Allah to be free from the torment of hell fire

– Always ask Allah to enter heaven with His blessing

– Empathize with friends who need help

– Be a role model for close areas and be a humble individual

– Always try to improve yourself to be better

– Work hard and sincerely in doing the task

The Wisdom of Faith in Angels

In the Qur’an, orders and matters concerning angels are mentioned in the following verses:

By believing in angels, actually there is wisdom that can be accepted by humans, especially Muslims. What is the wisdom of believing in the angel? To find out, just follow the following description.

We want to get the wisdom of believing in angels which is very useful for everyday life. These lessons include the following:

– Increase one’s faith and piety to Allah SWT, because remember that angels are one of Allah’s creations. And whoever believes in Allah SWT is obliged to believe in angels.

– Makes people stay on guard every time they carry out all actions.

– Urge humans to continue to increase good deeds, because no matter how small the goodness will certainly be recorded by angels.

– Avoiding humans from bad and despicable actions.

– Increase belief in the greatness of Allah SWT.

Humans want to compete in terms of doing good.

– Faith in angels means that we believe that angels exist, even though we humans cannot see them. Except for whom Allah SWT wants to see angels, such as Prophet Muhammad SAW, and Prophet Ibrahim AS.

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