Filled with benefits, this is the merit of hoping in the parish

Filled with benefits, this is the merit of hoping in the parish – The petition is the responsibility of every Muslim. The petition is one of the most vital parts of worship. Because the earliest practice prayers are evaluated by Allah SWT. So what are the benefits of hoping in the parish? Let’s see the description listed below.


Congregational Petition

the congregational petition as a petition with each other including at the very least 2 individuals, specifically an imam and a parish, where a parish must follow the activities of the clergyman and must not come before any one of his movements. The reward for hoping in the parish is greater, particularly if it’s performed in a mosque.

The prayers that are suggested to be performed in the parish are obligatory prayers (such as the 5 everyday prayers, and Friday prayers) and sunnah prayers (such as Eid prayers, Tarawih prayers, Witr prayers, Istisqa prayers, overshadow prayers, and funeral service prayers.)

The Importance of Congregational Petition

Prayers in the parish have plentiful benefits, particularly if they are performed in the mosque. Regarding the merit of hoping in the parish, the Carrier of Allah set a measure with multiples, benefit, the variety of congregations, to the range of the trip to parish all evaluated the reward. Merit consists of all work that will facilitate and facilitate congregational prayers. The following are the merits of hoping in the parish, consisting:

1. Allah SWT will increase the reward for those that hope in the parish

For those that hope in the parish, Allah will increase the reward particularly if it’s performed in the mosque.

The Carrier of Rosulullohsallallahu ‘alayhiwasallam said:

“A man’s petition in parish compared with his petition in your home or his market is more crucial (increased) his reward by twenty-five times. That’s because if he performs ablution by finishing his ablution and after that heads out of his house to the mosque, he doesn’t head out other than to hope in the parish, after that there’s not a solitary step of his step other than that it will be elevated by one level, and among his mistakes will be removed. When he prays, the angels will come to wish him as long as he is still in his place of the petition, ‘O Allah, forgive him. O Allah, have grace on him’. And among you is constantly counted in the specify of the petition as long as he waits for the petition.” (hadist by Bukhari and Muslim)

2. Those that hope in the parish will be protected from Satan’s disruptions

Hoping in parish makes the state of mind solemn so that it prevents the cursed devil’s disturbance. It’s better to hope in the parish compared to hope alone. This is according to the words of the Prophet Muhammad saw:

“It’s not 3 individuals in a town or a valley where congregational prayers are not established in their community, but Satan has subdued them. Therefore, you (prayers) in the parish, because the wolf will just pounce on the only goat (far from his friends).” (Told by Abu Dawud and An-Nasai)

3. Allah will protect him on the Day of Judgment

Allah SWT doesn’t play promises something for individuals that think. On the Day of Judgment Allah will certainly help those that constantly hope with each other.

4. Allah will remove the mistakes of those that hope in the parish and will raise their place.

Not simply help in the afterlife. Allah will help you Muslim believers that develop and hope in the parish by erasing all mistakes throughout life on the planet.

5. Allah SWT promises paradise for those that hope in the parish

Allah is Great and Smart, He will promise paradise for those of you that constantly hope with each other.

Mashya Allah, so remarkable the merit of hoping in the parish. May we be amongst the believers that constantly develop congregational prayers.


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