Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib’s stabbing plan


Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib's stabbing plan

Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib’s stabbing plan

After the battle of Badr, the Quraysh returned to the city of Mecca with a painful disappointment and defeat. They mourned the death of the soldiers and leaders of the Quraysh at the hands of Muslim soldiers who fought in the way of Allah, in an early battle against shirk, disbelief, disobedience, and injustice.

With the passing of the days the men and women of the Quraysh were still unable to forget this heart-wrenching incident. They hold grudges in their hearts against the Messenger of Allah. To achieve this goal they prepared their experts and an unlimited budget to face the Muslims.

But the hatred of the Quraysh is centered on the two figures who are considered most responsible for the events of the war of Badr that grieved them. They were Muhammad bin Abdullah, and Hamzah binAbdul Muttalib who killed a lot of Quraysh leaders.

Therefore, most of the Quraysh tribe gathered in Mecca to arrange a strategy to kill the two people in a major war. In this war, their plan was to put all their strength and expertise into it. Plus reinforcements from their allies made from a number of tribes. They started looking for the most appropriate person to kill Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib. This is a tough task. However, they could not find anyone who was brave and able to kill Hamzah. Due to his fighting ability and strength.

Unable to find a way to kill the knight, they resorted to cunning tactics. They wanted to kill Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib by attacking from behind. Enter Jubair bin Matham and offer the right person to kill Hamzah. He is a man who lost his uncle on the battlefield. He was the slave of Jubair bin Matham from among the Habibs, his name was Wahshi. He is very clever and skilled in throwing short spears with always right on target.

Then the Quraysh leaders promised to free him if Wahshi succeeded in killing Hamzah. One of the attendees was eager for Hamzah’s assassination agenda to not fail. He was determined that this implementation could be guaranteed to be successful. The only way is to make a tempting offer to Wahshi. Therefore he proposed this idea to the wife of Hindun bint Utbah Abu Sufyan. The plan was for Hindun to be asked to give some of his wealth to Wahshi in order to strengthen his determination to kill Hamzah.

It should be noted that during the Battle of Badr, Hindu bint Utbah lost three of her families, namely, her uncle Utbah bin Rabi’ah, her brother al-Walid bin Utbah, and her son Hanzalah bin Abu Sufyan. No wonder he has a very high grudge against Hamzah. His vengeance exceeds the limits of all human vengeance.

For him, it was hamzah who killed them and ganged up on killing them. So one of the goals in this war was to kill Hamzah. Hindun met Wahshi with joy. Hindun has been informed that this wahsyi is the only person who can avenge him. With sweet words, Hindus persuade Wahshi. Some of the jewelry, gold, and gems were promised to be handed over to the wahshi. He put his hands around his neck to reveal the jeweled necklace that adorned him. Then he also pointed to the earring in his ear, not forgetting to show the gold sparkle of the ring on his finger. Hindu says this will all be yours wahsyi if you can kill hamzah.

This slave was unable to refuse this tempting offer. In his brain only displayed two things that he never dreamed of, namely freedom and abundant wealth.He made up his mind and promised Hindus that he would carry out the task. He says you will surely be able to fulfill your ambition hindun, I will do my duty well.

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