Healthy Living taught by the Prophet

Healthy Living taught by the Prophet

Healthy living is the desire of all humans, because it is the greatest treasure we have that is priceless, but how do we stay healthy?

Rasulullah SAW was the fittest figure because during his life he only experienced 2 pains. Namely when poisoned by the Jews and near the end of his life.

Some healthy tips Ala Rasulullah SAW that can be tried to be practiced are:

1. Consuming Halal and Nutritious Food

The first healthy tips are the most important. During his life, he always obeyed the teachings of Islam not to eat haram food.

In Surah Albaqarah verse 172 it is explained that believers are commanded to eat good food. Which means both in law and the content in the food.

Prophet Muhammad had a diet by eating nutritious foods, for example, consuming honey, dates, olives, and so on.

Rasulullah SAW said in a hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim: “Whoever consumes seven dates in the morning ‘Ajwah, then on that day he will be protected from poison and magic.”

2. Maintain Cleanliness by Washing Hands

Prophet Muhammad SAW was someone who perfected his ablution. He washed his hands from the nails to the sidelines until clean. So the Prophet never experienced indigestion or stomach pain, even though he ate with his hands.

3. Reading Prayers

Praying is an ethic of the prophet before and after eating, the goal is that the food consumed is more blessed, becomes medicine, and becomes strength for worship.

Regarding the use of the right hand when examined medically, eating with the left hand is not good because the left hand is often used to wash intimate areas, so it is possible that bacteria can lodge in the fingers.

4. Stop before being full while eating

The purpose of “stop” here is so that humans are not too full which can make them lazy.

And also in the letter al a’raf verse 31 it is explained that do not be excessive in eating and drinking.

5. Get a good night’s sleep

Prophet Muhammad SAW usually went to bed around 21.00 or after Isha prayer, then woke up in the last third of the night. According to research, it turns out that 9 pm to 3 am is the time when the body undergoes metabolic processes that can take place optimally only when the body is in a relaxed state or sleeping.

6. Exercising

One of the healthy lifestyles of Rasulullah SAW is by implementing sports. According to hadith, he has a fit body and when he walks his steps are also fast.

7. Fasting

It has been proven in research that fasting is good for health because medically fasting can cleanse toxins and substances that accumulate in the digestive tract, kidneys, and others.

The benefits of fasting are that it can normalize high blood and cholesterol, optimize the body’s toxins, slow down signs of aging and nourish vital organs in the body.

Thus healthy tips ala Rasulullah SAW. Hopefully Muslims can imitate and practice it.


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