Muslim Creed – The development of Islam in the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAWand their friends was an Islamic belief in the golden age, it can be seen how the purity of Islam itself with the existence of the perpetrator and the main factor, namely the Messenger of Allah SAW. 


Then in the next era, namely the time of the companions, especially in the time of caliph four or who more popularly used the name Khulafaur Rasyidin, Islam developed rapidly where almost 2/three of the earth we inhabited was almost held and dominated by Islam. 

The development of Islam in this era was the starting point for the change of civilization towards a more advanced direction. So it is not surprising that historians note that Islam in the days of Muhammad and Khulafaur Rasyidin was an Islam of extraordinary influence. As far as we use it, we need to look home and study how the history of Islam was in that period. 

The Mecca Period and its Systemsocial 

Prophet Muhammad SAW was born on April 20, 571 A.D. This decree is referred to by the various origins of the Arab news, namely in the year known as the year of the elephant. 

He was according to a materially poor but noble descent & honorable family. His father was named Abdullah bin Abdul Muthalib bin Hashim bin Abdi Manaf bin Qusay bin Kilab. 

It is said, that these Children of Hashim are a family that is positioned as a provider & provider of drinking water for pilgrims who are known as Siqayah Al Hajj. While the mother of the Prophet Muhammad saw was Aminah Binti Wahab, a descendant of Bani Zuhrah.Later, the nasabatau genealogy of the father & mother of the Prophet met at Kilab ibn Murrah. 

At the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW was in an orphan state because his father Abdullah died three months after he married Aminah. Prophet Muhammad was then handed over to the mother of the caregiver, Halimah Sa’diyyah. 

It was in his upbringing that the Prophet Muhammad SAW was exalted until the age of four. After about two years of being in the care of his mak kandung, when he was six years old Prophet Muhammad SAW as an orphan.  

After Aminah was killed, Abdul Muthalib took over the responsibility of caring for the prophet Muhammad SAW. However, two years ago Abdul Muthalib died because of the world. 

Further responsibilities passed to his uncle, Abu Talib. Like jua Abdul Muthalib, he was also highly respected and respected by the Quraysh and the inhabitants of Mecca holistically, but he was poor. 

 At a young age prophet Muhammad SAW became his family’s goat herder and the people of Makkah. Through this pastoral activity he found a place to think and reflect. 

This thought & contemplation made him far from all thoughts of worldly passions, as a result of which he was spared from various kinds of stains that could hinder his name, therefore from a young age he had been nicknamed al-amin,a trusted man. 

Prophet Muhammad SAW was a man who was talented in the field of religion. In his age before the coming down of revelation he delighted in exile himself in a mountaineering outside the city of Makkah to pray in silence. 

 At the age of 25, Prophet Muhammad SAW joined the trade to the Levant, selling the property of Khadijah, a respected and wealthy woman. He used to tell people to sell their goods by dividing some of the proceeds to them. 

When Khadijah heard the news of the honesty of his words, his credibility &glory and abundant profit, Khadijah was attracted to treat him.those who attended the wedding were Bani Hashim and the leaders of Bani Mudhar. 

Stealthy Broadcasting of Islam  

When the first revelation came down, the Prophet had not been commanded to call upon the people to worship and worship Allah Almighty. Gabriel did not arrive again for some time. 

It was at this time of waiting that then came down the second revelation (QS. Al-Mudatsir:1-7) who revealed the task of the Messenger of Allah SAW, which is to call on people to worship and pray for The Messenger of Allah Almighty. With this order, the Messenger of Allah SAW began to preach secretly. 

 Islam is in the midst of the people by bringing new laws as a basic guide regarding the observance of godliness & society for the regulation of human behavior in life & association. Furthermore, these basic guidelines become a foothold for the development of social, economic, political and cultural systems. 

 His first proselytizing was in his family and friends. The first person to have faith in Him was Siti Khodijah (wife of the Prophet), followed by Ali ibn Abi Talib (son of the Prophet’s uncle) and Zaid binHaritsah (a maid of his household who was later appointed as his son). 

Then his close friend Abu Bakr Siddiq. Gradually it was widely taught, but it was still limited among the families of the Quraysh only, for example Usman ibn Affan, Zubair ibn Awam, Sa’adibn Abi Waqas, Abdurrahman Ibn Auf, Thalhahibn Ubaidillah, Abu Ubaidillah Ibn Jahrah, Arqam Ibn Arqam, Fatimah binti Khattab, Said ibn Zaidand several others, they all claimed Assabiquna al Awwalun, meaning the first people converted to Islam. 

Blatantly Broadcasting Islam  

The next step of proselytizing taken by ProphetMuhammad SAW was to call for a generic society. The Prophet began to call on all levels of society to Islam using blatantly, both the nobles and the sahaya. At first, the Prophet called for the inhabitants of Mecca, then the inhabitants of other lands. 

In addition, the Prophet called on people who came to Makkah, according to various countries to perform the Hajj. Proselytizing activities are carried out tirelessly. With his persistent efforts, the expected results began to be seen. 

The number of followers of Prophet Muhammad SAW who were previously only people is increasing day by day. They are mainly composed of women, slaves, workers, & non-possessed people. Even though most of them are weak people, their spirits are very burning. 

With the prophet’s detailed proselytizing of all the inhabitants of Mecca, many of the inhabitants of Mecca who knew the content of the Qur’an were very great and had a detailed (fluent) and interesting language. So gradually poly Arabs converted to Islam. 

With serious business, the followers of the Prophet SAW increased as a result the leader of the Quraysh who was not happy if Islam became grand & powerful tried to resist the prophet’s proselytizing by carrying out tortures against believers. 

Many things were done by the leaders of the Quraysh to prevent the proselytizing of the Prophet. They told people who converted to Islam even though members of their own family or sahaya servants were tortured to return to their former beliefs (apostasy). 

The atrocities committed by the Mecca sitters against Muslims encouraged the Prophet SAW to evacuate his friends out of Mecca. In the midst of the fierce atrocities 2 men powered by Quraysh converted to Islam, namely Hamzah & Umar bin Khattab as a result of strengthening the position of Muslims.  

With the smooth proselytizing activities of the Messenger of Allah, the infidels of Quraysh carried out boycotts against followers of Islam. This boycott stopped after the leaders of Quraysh became aware of their outrageous actions. 

But after some time Abu Talib died globally, 3 days later his wife, Siti Khadijah died. It was a year of sorrow for the Prophet (Amul Huzni).

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