The supplication must not contain any sin and transgression. Be saying Oh my Lord.


Ya Allah Accept Our Duas Allah Quran Makkah

Allah is the Most Merciful and nobody knows who will go to hell or heaven except Allah SWT.

HOW ALLAH ACCEPT MY DUA. 2 Make duas mentioned in Quran Sunnah. Assalamu alykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh You should be totally sure that Allah subhanahu wa taaala is hearing and seeing you and you have to trust Allah and be sure that he will accept your Duaa in order your Duaa to be accepted. Dont despair be patient.

If you dont know whether youre asking for the right thing or no if it has khair or no then pray Istikhara. Ways to get your Dua accepted. It means of the ones who are kareem You Allah are the most kareem because of Your Rahma over me accept my dua.

The Dua might be accepted soon might be stored for the right time or it is because of the dua that an evil is kept away ie. It means Allah the one that fulfils your requests. 9-Allah loves to be invoked.

Always thanks to Allah for everything he has given to you. How do I know Allah accept my Dua. Help them out relieve them of some of their troubles make them happy and solve some of their problems.

Duaa may or may not be answered that all depends on Allah SWT. 2 Make duas mentioned in Quran Sunnah We get a reward or we get acceptance. But there are 5 beautifully unique times one can make dua and the dua.

B Allah SWT knows when is the right time for our duaa to be answered and it will be postponed. Finally when you finish your dua go look for a poor person and give them sadaqa to purify your money and lift the sorrow of someone else. By Pure Matrimony – February 13th 2015.

Worship Him and follow His commandment. In short be of use to your parents family friends relatives colleagues acquaintances neighbors strangers in fact everybody. A Duaa will be answered immediately by Allah SWT this is the lowest level of acceptance.

You ask for something and Allah gives it to you immediately. 3 Ask during the accepted times. Similarly as quoted hadiths above indicates that Allah accepts the dua when a person is travelling.

We as humans have to do our best. We also have to ask Him to accept our prayers and worship on a daily basis. Or does Allah only accept dua.

Something better is given in return or the benefits by the most generous Allah. 7 Steps To A Happy Marriage. Ultimately the faith that Allah will give when there is the right time as He knows all is the key to make Invocation accepted.

Insist and repeat your dua with concentration and humiliation. Also make your dua during sujood as This is the time you are close to Allah and He will answer your Duaswhy do Allah like the position of sujood most and why did the prophet SaW said Increase making your duas while in sujoodprostration because you lower your head your bow your body on the floor with full submission and declare your the weakest and Allah is the greatest and He will accept your dua because. How can I make Allah accept my Dua.

10-Acceptance of dua is different. Your dua might be accepted only if you recall Allah again and again and ask for it. The food and drink that you consume must be from the lawful source means through honest earnings only.

Allah loves when a person calls to Him. Dua must be devoid of sin. Start begging Allah with his 99 names 7 times a day.

Read Va-Yaa-Akramal-Akra-Mina in your supplications. Thank Allah SWT and Salli Ala Al Rasoul. Duas pour out directly from heart for helpful people.

10 Be proactive and remember Allah in the times of ease as well. There are various times when duas are answered by Allah SWT which also includes duas made at the latter part of the night or before the dawn which can also be after the Adhaan or between it. When you make duaa this is what can be expected.

A dua of a Muslim takes different forms. How can I memorize Allah. Oh my Lord then how can his dua be accepted.

Be certain at the end of your dua that Allah SWT will accept your dua. As a matter of fact pray istikhara for every small matter asking Allah to put khair in whatever you ask from Himspan. In order to get the status of accepted for Supplication following conditions are to be met.

When making dua to Allah sayYA ALLAH ACCEPT MY DUA WITH THE WASEELA OF MUHAMMEDصلى الله عليه وسلم 3Give thanx to Allah for what he has given you and he will give you more Insha Allah. Keep an eye for the doors of opportunity and Thank Allah for guiding you through thick and thin. My question is simple when people from other religions pray to god of course Allah hears it because he hears all so does Allah accept that dua.

You ask for something and Allah delays giving it to you. Rasulullah SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam is reported to have said that if a persons food and drink is by means of haraam earnings and he continues making dua to ALLAH. In the start it is a kafh with to dots so the pronunciation is a bit different.

If the supplication is sinful then it will not be accepted by Allah even if the father supplicates against his own children or the mother supplicates against her own children. How to make Allah accept my Dua. 4Beg Allah with his 99names or isme azam or dua asma-al-husnawhich is very effective.

Allah swt does this as He loves to draw you closer. Best Way if you pray dua it will definitely be accepted Accept that this is what is best for you in that situation. Say to Allah _ Ya-Allah please accept my Dua with the Waseela of Muhammad.

1 Supplicate for others. Great now recognize this and be grateful. 6 Give up a sin and do good instead.

Thats something that will be decided on the day of judgement. So lets look the 3 ways that Allah answers your Dua. Follow the Dua of Allah to get your Dua accepted-Always keep faith in Allah and do the Ibadath with full respect.

We all know that the best supplications are made in sujood at tahajjud time when it rains when sick and when travelling.

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