How to imitate Asmaul Husna Ar-Rahman and its benefits



How to imitate Asmaul Husna Ar-Rahman and its benefits

Muslimcreed – Asmaul Husna is a good and beautiful name that belongs to Allah SWT. all of which amount to 99. Among these good names, there is one called Ar-Rahmaan. Ar-Rahmaan here has many meanings, some say that it means a long favor and there are also those who interpret it as Most Merciful or Most Gracious. This time we will discuss about Ar-Rahmaan, the nature of Allah SWT. as the Most Merciful.


We must emulate the nature of Ar-Rahman, namely by being a person who always loves fellow creatures created by Allah SWT.

(1). First of all, we who have sufficient wealth must be generous people. Being a person who always helps others in times of trouble when they don’t have money or also loves orphans or orphans. Because with our generous nature, we will be liked by many people. As long as we don’t feel Riya’, which is a little arrogant in our hearts, because it will damage the charity we have done.

(2). Then by helping each other like helping others in need, for example, there are earthquake victims who lost their homes, that’s where we must have the nature of helping in our hearts to help people in trouble. Just like the nature of generosity, the nature of helping too many people will like our nature.

How to imitate Asmaul Husna is very important for every Muslim to know. Because, Asmaul Husna are the noble qualities of Allah SWT. Asmaul Husna consists of 99 beautiful names.

Asmaul Husna is perfect, nothing but the name of Allah SWT is good and beautiful. One of the characteristics of Asmaul Husna that can be imitated in everyday life is Ar-Rahman. This is a noble attribute of Allah SWT and has extraordinary meaning.

In the Qur’an, this trait is enshrined into one of the names of the letter, namely the letter Ar-Rahman. In addition, many verses mention Ar-Rahman in the Koran. For example in lafadz basmalah which is often spoken. In the lafadz the word Ar-Rahman is accompanied by another attribute of Allah, namely Ar-Rahim.

Meaning of Ar-Rahman

Ar-Rahman means Most Merciful. The meaning of this attribute is that Allah SWT bestows goodness on all His servants, both believers and non-believers. Quoted from the book Secrets of the Miracles of Asmaul Husna by Syafi’ie el-Bantanie, Ar-Rahman in language comes from the word Rahima which means love.

Rahman’s word is one form with “Wazan Fa’lan” which has a comprehensive or temporary meaning. Ar-Rahman can be interpreted as God’s mercy which is comprehensive, but temporary.

How to imitate Asmaul Husna Ar-Rahman

Following Asmaul Husna Ar-Rahman can be done in various ways. Quoted from the book Secrets of the Miracles of Asmaul Husna, there are several ways to imitate the nature of Ar-Rahman, including the following:

– Mutual love among fellow creatures of God.

– Do not hesitate to help people who need help

– Live a loving life to family, neighbors, friends.

– Loving orphans

– Does not hurt animals or damage plants.

Benefits of Following Asmaul Husna Ar-Rahman

Following Asmaul Husna has many benefits. Quoted from the book 99 Asmaul Husna Stories and Miracles by Chris Oetoyo, there are several benefits that can be obtained when imitating the nature of Ar-Rahman, including the following:

1). Our hearts will be calm and not restless.

2). Everything will be peaceful. Because they love each other.

4). Life will be more meaningful and happy.

5). If we love each other, hopefully it can be an example for others who see us. So, the nature of loving each other can be transmitted to others and we will get a lot of rewards. Amen.

The reason a Muslim imitates this trait is because the existence of mankind is also a blessing from Allah SWT. So Muslims should be grateful to Allah SWT for the blessings given. While the human task as a Muslim is only to believe and believe in the greatness of Allah SWT with all its characteristics.

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