How to Protect the Heart According to Islamic Teachings, Every Muslim Must Know


How to Protect the Heart According to Islamic Teachings, Every Muslim Must Know

Muslim creed – Humans are the most perfect creatures created by God. Humans actually have several main elements in themselves, namely physical (human body), spiritual (human spirit), and nafsani (human soul).

The human body consists of limbs that can be seen with the human eye. The spiritual element has different characteristics from the physical element. The spirit is invisible to the human eye.

The next element is referred to as the soul which is one of the connecting elements between the body and the human spirit. The elements of the human soul are divided into three parts, namely reason, heart, and lust. Among these three elements of the soul, the heart is responsible for helping, guarding, and controlling the limbs and the human soul.

Islam as the bearer of the mission of rahmatan lil alamin strongly emphasizes that humans carry out their mandate to mobilize all their potential because humans are actually created to be caliphs on earth. In Islam, guarding the heart is very important to avoid heart diseases such as jealousy, pride, and prejudice.

Recognizing Liver Disease or Mental Disease

Akhlaq experts and Sufism experts agree that the human heart often experiences pain. This is because humans are far from the instructions and guidance of Islamic religious teachings so that in the course of human life there is no moral grip that can be used to control all human actions.

Mental illness is often referred to as the term Maradu Al-Qalbi or heartache, Ma’asiy Al-Qalbi or deviation of the heart and Mahlakah Al-Qalbi which is heartbreak. This disease can attack humans and appears marked by the tendency of humans to be more preoccupied with bad deeds or sinful acts.

So it is called Al-Fakhsya‟ Wal-Munkar Al Fakhsya‟ which means a deviation from the Shari’a, because he does not want to carry out the orders of the Shari’a, for example, he does not want to pray, does not want to pay zakat, does not want to fast, and so on. Meanwhile, al-munkar means moral or ethical deviation, such as stealing, robbing, adultery, being hostile to others, and so on.

How to Protect the Heart According to Islamic Teachings

1. Salat

The first way to protect the heart according to Islamic teachings is to perform prayers, both obligatory prayers and sunnah prayers. Make prayer a necessity, not a burden.

Make sure to pray solemnly and live it as a way of communicating with the creator. Is there anything more beautiful than talking to the Most Merciful? Even though we can’t see God, God can see us. We can also say a prayer at the time of prostration. God willing, prayers will be answered.

2. Reading the Quran

The next way to keep the heart according to Islamic teachings is to read the Koran. Reading the Quran can make the heart calmer and more focused. In addition, reading the Koran also adds rewards and blessings to our lives.

Al-Quran is the holy book of the word of Allah Subhanallah Ta’ala. If we are able to understand each verse then we will understand that this world is only temporary. There is no need to worry about world problems. Believe that Allah has arranged the affairs of our mate or sustenance.

3. Reading Zikr

The next way to keep the heart according to Islamic teachings is to multiply remembrance. Zikr is one of worship to remember and get closer to Allah Ta’ala.

Busyness is not necessarily a reason for us to neglect remembrance. The best times for dhikr are after prayer and before going to bed. The more often the remembrance is said (both verbally and in the heart) then God willing, the heart will be awake and feel more calm.

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