If it has become his sustenance, then it will not go anywhere


If it has become his sustenance, then it will not go anywhere


This is a term about sustenance that has been determined by Allah SWT, those who believe in this are people who believe in Allah SWT.


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There are many lessons of wisdom contained in the hadith regarding sustenance that will not run, including:

  1. Meaning, suppose the son of Adam had escaped his sustenance when he fled from death. Verily, sustenance is after him, while death is after him.
  2. So it is impossible for the descendants of Adam not to live their sustenance, because Allah has determined sustenance, even those who are persecuted by sustenance, are not people who really pursue sustenance.
  3. Humans will not be able to avoid sustenance, because they cannot avoid death. Because of Sunatullah, those who live must die, and those who live are still blessed with Allah’s sustenance.
  4. Humans in this life have been determined by Allah, the rations, destiny of the world’s life and sustenance.
  5. Therefore, humans must be 100% sure that this life has been arranged by Allah, even sustenance itself will come to humans. Then, you don’t have to be blind to get sustenance, you don’t have to be too much to get sustenance. Feet become head, head turns legs, work during the day, work at night, leave in the morning and come home at midnight. Until you forget time, forget Allah, forget family and wife and children.
  6. However, because of low faith, people sometimes forget that Allah created them, Allah made them live, and Allah gave them sustenance. So that many of them are struggling to catch up with sustenance but instead forget Allah. Even though it is clear, as stated in the hadith above, that humans are arranged by Allah to be pursued by sustenance, not after sustenance.
  7. If so, then what we should do is try, pray and put our trust in Allah, because the result is mandatory for Allah . Accept all that Allah has given and always be grateful for what He has given. There is no need to fret and continue to feel lacking, because that will make a person never satisfied with what Allah has given him.
  8. Even just because of poverty, then justify all means to look for illicit treasures. Moreover, following the principle of people “it’s just difficult, whatever is lawful”. Corruption is justified, bribery is a part of life. He did illegal businesses, sold himself, and even made proposals to get financial assistance which was addressed to foundations, orphans, building mosques and so on. Na’udzubillah.
  9. Such a person is a person who despairs and forgets Allah. What is done is no longer intended by lillahita’ala and refers to the Qur’an and al-hadith. If something is clearly haram, then leave it, because the halal thing is still abundant and easy for us to get.
  10. Rest assured that while we are still alive, it means that Allah is still giving us sustenance. ‘Not one of the children of Adam dies, before all his sustenance is perfected. Has been equipped with all the sustenance. Waallua’lam……

Hadith themes related to the Qur’an:

Allah SubhanahuwaTa’ala narrates that He is the one who guarantees the sustenance of His creatures, including all the animals that creep on the earth, whether small, large, on land or in the ocean. He also knew where the beast lived and where it was kept.

surah hud verse 6 :

surah hud verse 6


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