Fitrah desires to live in consistency, tranquility, and security Residing in consistency, security, and tranquility is the image of every human, of any ethnicity, religious beliefs, country, or also any place and social condition, because this is the nature and need of every human. 

However, people often don’t recognize that what they want and do isn’t balanced, they want to obtain an atmosphere of consistency, security, and tranquility but are not aware that their activities often disrupt the consistency, security, and tranquility of others, this is because of the vanity factor that occurs because of the desire for power, abhor others, and want others to constantly do the same. 

This is what in Islam is called the attitude of “arrogance”, is a latent illness whose penalty is very serious, specifically preventing the criminal from going into paradise, as the Prophet Muhammad said: Whoever has an arrogant heart will not enter paradise, also if it’s as small as a mustard seed. (Told by Muslim, Tirmidhi, and Ahmad)

So the religious beliefs of Islam were exposed by Allah SWT, the Wisest God to his chosen carrier Prophet Muhammad, amongst his objectives was to improve and perfect the morality and life of mankind as the Prophet Muhammad said: Verily I was sent out to perfect morality (humankind). (HR. Bukhari). The awareness of great morals for mankind is a great objective of Islamic teachings because the awareness of great morals is a requirement for the awareness of consistency, calm, and tranquility, but great morality will last and be sincere if it’s based upon the worth of belief because belief is strong support that makes all A person’s deeds are valuable and never disappointed for the criminal. Besides, Allah is Simply, every great must be awarded great, as well as evil. QS. Arrahman: 60.

b. Consistency with God and others

Preserving a great balance with God and others is the key to accomplishing consistency. People must remain consistent with themselves so that they’ll remain consistent with their culture. People consist of 2 aspects, specifically the body and spirit. The spirit originates from God and will go back to God as the resource of reality and the body is made of nature which requires communication and mutual need for each various other.

A great and effective individual is when he can develop a great connection with others and God. A great connection with God, specifically Allah SWT as the Developer, Giver, and Guard called “hablun minnallah” which is exercised with great and sincere belief, worship, and commitment, and establishes great connections with others, which is called “hablun minannas” which appears by having the ability to value, respect and cooperate in great as a resource of success and decline evil as a resource of calamity. Allah requires believers to develop great connections with themselves and each various other is included in the QS. Ali Imran: 112. “They are full of embarrassment anywhere they are other than holding fast to the rope (Religious beliefs) of Allah and the rope (agreement) to others.

c. 3 ukhuwah/brotherhood

Also in the custom of Islam believed to continue the teachings of Allah and the apostles, 3 patterns of ummah connections were developed, specifically, First, Ukhuwah Diniyah Islamiyah, specifically the pattern of connections amongst Muslims as siblings and siblings that practice Islamic teachings, which must be equally strengthening. building and equally strengthening one aspect with another, so that a beautiful and sturdy building can be recognized, so that it can be enjoyed by others, and also the Carrier of Allah contrasted the collaboration of other Muslims to one body that helps and helps each various other, for instance when the eyes hurt, the feet hurt. strolling, hands buying medication, mouth taking medication to treat eyes. Second: Ukhuwah Wathaniyah, specifically brotherhood amongst the nation’s children, specifically the Indonesian individuals, no matter of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, or area, are siblings, that must respect, cooperate, protect and protect. Rasulullah saw taught and exemplified in reality during that time, specifically, in the simplest and thriving Medina culture, the community consisted of various religious beliefs and ideas, although Islam became the bulk religious belief but never forced and daunted various other ideas because the idea is a human right that must be respected. this is the Word of God in QS. Al-Baqarah: 256. There’s no compulsion to (enter) religious beliefs (Islam); Certainly, the right course has become more clear compared to the erroneous course. Therefore, whoever disbelieves in Taghut and counts on Allah, after that certainly he has held on to an extremely solid knot of rope that will not damage. And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. The 3 ukhuwah Basariyah are brotherhoods of humans. People are social beings that certainly cannot stand alone without the help of others, so they must respect and respect each various other, and also cooperate as long as feasible for the benefit of mankind, no matter where our country and nation come from.

decoration. Distinctions in ethnicity and nationality are a requirement.

There are various kinds of people and countries on this globe, we are birthed and live among the current people and countries, and we must understand that what people or country we enjoy isn’t an option but the nature and authority of God, of course, God knows better what it means and Allah’s choice is the best for His slave.

Allah SWT says in QS. Al-Hujurat verse 13:

Meaning: O mankind, certainly We produced you from a man and women and made you right into countries and people so that you might know each various other. Verily, one of the most respectable of you in the view of Allah is one of the most pious of you. Verily Allah is All-Knowing, All-Knowing.

From the verse over that Allah explains that it’s Allah that makes an individual man or female, country, and people. The plurality of people and countries is God’s fate, it’s not appropriate if there are individuals that do incorrect to others because of distinctions in ethnicity or country after that individual that demean or do injustice to various other people or countries imply to do incorrect to their developer.

God produced various people and countries, amongst which the aim is to obtain to know each various other, each people or country has its qualities, benefits, and potential. Attempting to obtain to know each various other, stay in contact, and collaborate in benefits is God’s rule, so whoever brings out God’s commands well and genuinely deserves worship.

The sensation of discrimination versus, ethnicity, ethnicity, or a particular country has come to the attention of the Prophet Muhammad 14 centuries back, so amongst the factors of the speech delivered at the Wada trip were equal rights before God and a phone call not to feel happy and differentiate.

Meaning: O mankind, know that the Lord is one, your forefathers are one, know that there’s no magnificence of an Arab compared with a non-Arab, and a non-Arab compared with an Arab, and there’s no recognize for a white individual over a black individual or anything better other than his piety to God.

Allah doesn’t judge an individual because of his ethnicity, country, or skin color, but Allah judges an individual because of his quality, the degree to which he is obedient to Allah, and the degree to which he is beneficial to others. So the job of mankind is to contend to be more dedicated to Allah SWT, when people contend in benefits to obtain a benefit from Allah, they’ll be much from the dispute.

e. Plurality of idea in God’s face.

Amongst God’s love for His slaves is to send out down spiritual teachings through his messengers called prophets and apostles, to obtain Salamah or redemption in both the globe and the hereafter, karamah or the magnificence of life and sa’adah or joy both in this globe and in the hereafter. That’s amongst the objectives of being exposed to religious beliefs, so it can be a criterion for spiritual individuals to the degree that they feel safety, magnificence, and joy are obtained.

In Islam, there are 6 concepts of belief, amongst which Muslims are obliged to count on the presence of Apostles or Prophets, specifically people, both chosen by God that sent out revelations, treatises, sharia, or religious beliefs. Since the Prophet, Adam was the first individual on the planet previously the variety of prophets and apostles is very a lot what Allah says in QS. Ghafir verse 78:

Meaning: And verily We have sent out messengers before you, some of them We have informed you about and some of them We have not informed you about. An apostle can’t perform a wonder, other than with the consent of Allah; So when Allah’s rule has come, it will be decided (all issues) justly. And during that time those that hang on to falsehood will shed.

The prophets and apostles were sent out by Allah SWT to bring messages to individuals of his time, amongst the prophets mentioned in the Qur’an are the prophet Abraham that brought the Hanif religious beliefs, the prophet Moses brought the religious beliefs of Judaism, and the Prophet Isa the holder of Christianity, and the prophet Muhammad tranquility be after him. as the last prophet of the shutting days of the Prophets or there disappears prophet after the prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad is the holder of Islam.

Muslims are obliged to study, count on, and perform the Islamic spiritual legislation brought by the Prophet Muhammad well but still taught by Allah SWT and the carrier of Allah to count on the presence of the apostles or messengers of Allah before the Prophet Muhammad until the prophet Adam.

So the reality with the presence of religious beliefs is that Many inevitabilities are intentionally produced by Allah SWT, not to blaspheme or disrespect each various other, but all that’s a true blessing from Allah SWT to the ummah to securely think and practice and contend to do great, Allah says in QS. Al-Maidah verse 48.

Meaning: And We have sent out to you the Qur’an with the reality, confirming what was before, specifically guides (which were exposed previously) and a touchstone versus the various other books; So judge their situation inning accordance with what Allah has sent out down and don’t follow their lusts by forsaking the reality which has come to you. For each country amongst you, We have provided rules and a clear course. If Allah had willed, He would certainly have made you a single person (only), but Allah desires to test you versus His present to you, so contend in doing great. To Allah, all you’ll return, and He will notify you of what you have disputed about,

So a great deal of spiritual laws isn’t a catastrophe but a true blessing as well as an examination from Allah SWT, so it’s God’s will to send out many spiritual laws, if Allah willed it would certainly have been made right into one ummah. Spiritual individuals must contend to practice their spiritual teachings well for the safety and benefit of mankind in the hereafter and globe.

Likewise, the Carrier of Allah as the holder of the message of Islam, as the last prophet after time brought God’s legislation filled with persistence and knowledge to mankind, never requiring the teachings of Islam on individuals, but with love and instance in himself.

When the Prophet Muhammad was appointed as the leader in Medina, most Muslims were Muslim, but the community was plural, there were Jews, Christians, and various other ideas, but the Prophet never discriminated against adherents of non-Muslim religious beliefs and ideas, he also ordered the bulk Muslim community to protect and protect non-Muslims that are minorities as he said: Whoever harms non-Muslims (Ahlul Dzimmah) coincides as harming me, (HR. Abu Daud).

Ahlu Dzimmah is non-Muslims that live in an Islamic nation, obeying the rules of the specific constitution, they are protected by their spiritual and individual rights, also the Carrier of Allah said:

Meaning: Whoever eliminates a participant of the Zimmah, will not smell the smell of paradise, although the smell of paradise is the smell of a 40-year trip. (HR. Anasai)

Islam respects life so as not to take activities that can hurt, not to mention eliminate other individuals, which isn’t warranted in the Shari’a. Also, Allah mentions in the Qur’an Surah Al-Maidah verse 32.

Meaning: Therefore We have announced (legislation) for the Children of Israel, that: whoever eliminates a human, not because that individual (eliminates) another individual, or otherwise because of triggering mischief on the planet, it’s as if he had eliminated the entire human. And whoever protects the life of a human, it’s as if he has preserved the life of all mankind. And certainly, Our messengers have come to them with clear declarations after that many of them after that transgressed in doing mischief in the world.

f. Being objective prevents misunderstanding.

After thinking that Allah’s Religious beliefs were exposed by His loving nature for the redemption, magnificence, and joy of mankind on the planet and the hereafter, recently, religious beliefs have often been used as a bullying material, so religious beliefs appear to misbehave, much from its real objective. Not a couple of individuals do not want to be spiritual when asked why they do not have religious beliefs, they say religious beliefs make fights and enmity.

Seeing this sensation, we must belong to the service, which is to become great spiritual practitioners so that it becomes an ideal medium to earn it easier for individuals to understand our religious beliefs, and to view various other people’s religious beliefs or ideas by being objective in viewing and evaluating religious beliefs from its resource through competent individuals in the area. their areas so that they stand for spiritual worths well so that there’s no decrease or predisposition.

Reliable and agent individuals that stand for the religious beliefs to be used as recommendations are prophets/messengers of Allah that instantly receive the message and are directed by Allah SWT to practice it, in Islam it’s the prophet Muhammad saw, after that, every habit, attitude, and speech or what is called Hadith is a resource the second legislation after the discovery of the Qur’an, amongst which the role of the Hadith is as a description and verification as well as matching the rules that don’t yet exist.

After that after the fatality of the prophet the individual that has the reliability and agent to discuss the Al-Qur’an and Hadith are scholars, specifically individuals that have the breadth of spiritual understanding from the main resource and have integrity with their knowledge, so examining and assessing religious beliefs from these 3 main spiritual resources is a smart step and God prepared, it will be maintained far from misconceptions.

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