Islam provides convenience through congregational prayers and qasar


Prayer for a Muslim is a matter above all else. To the extent that the Messenger of Allah (saw) before his death ordered his followers not to leave the prayer under any circumstances. Prayer is the pillar of religion, whoever establishes prayer establishes religion. Whoever leaves the prayer, he has destroyed religion.

What if we are in a busy and cramped situation because we are on an expedition or traveler? In this situation, prayer can be tried with an easy method, which is combined from 2 times into one time, or briefly from 4 to 2 rak’ahs, Alhamdulillah Allah swt makes it easy for all of us, hopefully the troubles of our other lives will always be given ease .

The congregational prayer ‘means the obligatory prayers that are collected or combined, meaning that the congregational prayer ‘is mixing 2 fard prayers and doing them at the same time. The congregational prayer may be performed at the initial time (jama’ taqdim) or at the time of the second prayer (jama’ takhir). The law of congregational prayer is permissible for people who are in an emergency, such as on a long expedition.

Come on, our Muslim friends understand the jama ‘taqdim prayer and the jama takhir prayer

1. congregational prayer ‘taqdim

The jama ‘takdim prayer is a prayer that is tried by mixing 2 fard prayers and is carried out at the time of the first fard prayer. For example, the Zuhur and Asr prayers are performed at the time of Zuhur, as well as the Maghrib and Isha prayers are held at Maghrib. The method of performing the jama’ taqdim prayer is to give priority to the first fardu prayer and then the second prayer, to make a vow of jama’ taqdim and to do it successively and not to be interspersed with other actions. After performing the zuhur prayer, immediately perform the Asr prayer, as well as after performing the Maghrib prayer, immediately perform the Isha prayer. Not hard, right?

2. Congregational prayers

The jama ‘takhir prayer is a prayer that is tried by mixing 2 fard prayers and is carried out at the second or last time. Example of Zuhur prayer

and the Asr prayer at the time of the Asr prayer. Likewise, the Maghrib and Isha prayers are performed at the time of the Isha prayer.

In the procedure for implementing the jama ‘takhir prayer, it is not required to precede the initial prayer, it is possible to give precedence to the initial prayer or vice versa. If you want to do the jama ‘takhir prayer, intend to do these two fard prayers with the jama’ method. The application of the 2 fard prayers is tried successively and should not be interspersed with other actions.

The conditions for performing congregational prayers are as follows:

1. When doing a long trip, the distance is not less than 80, 640 kilometers.

2. The expedition was tried for good purposes, not for evil or immorality.

3. sick or in skinny

4. Prayers in the congregation of prayers (cash) are not qada prayers

5. make a vow to cover the time of takbiratul ikram

On the other hand, the qasar prayer is a fard prayer which is condensed from 4 rakaat into 2 rakaat, thus the fardu prayer that can be qasar is the noon, asar, and evening prayers. On the other hand, Maghrib and Fajr prayers cannot be qasared.

The legal qasar prayer is carried out if it fulfills the following conditions:

1. The expedition that was tried was aimed at good, not for immorality or crime

2. distance of at least 80, 640 kilometers more (one day expedition last night)

3. The qasar prayer is an adaan prayer (cash) not a qada prayer

4. make a vow to pray qasar when takbiratul ihram. The method of performing the qasar prayer is a prayer that is done from 4 rak’ahs to 2 in general

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