Islamic Peace Fundamentals. So that the aggrieved party is satisfied with the result and being at peace works for peace with all concerned.


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Fitrah upholding peace as a duty for every Muslim.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF CONFLICT. But if it complies then. 114 emphasis added throughout. It connotes a situation in which people perceive threat physical emotional power status to their well being.

Furthermore Islam forms the integrated and comprehensive way in dealing with human intelligence especially by means of the interactions of nature nurture and the spiritual factor in the development of human personality Fatima 2013. Rise of Christianity in Europe and Islam in the Middle East. Islam means peace in all its forms and asks for justice in resolving all conflicts.

Islam begins and ends with the concept that there is no God but Allah. Box 70 Jalan Sultan 46700 Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia. Quranic Reflection on Stress Factors Let us examine how the Quran deals with such situations.

Islam conflict is viewed as inherent and positive. Many Muslims believe that the historical conflict between religion and science was a conflict between a particular religionChristianityand science and that while it is too bad that Christianity emerged from the engagement badly bruised Islam has no fears of such a clash. Islam analyses the concept of conflict.

One of the historic evidence of the existence of Nestorians was the writings found on the cave temples at Dunhuang. This paper aims to analyze the causes of stereotype against Islam and provides an overview of the concept of peace in Islamic. These elements resonate with the concept of positive.

Conflict is part of organization of life hence conflict tends to occur through interactions as it conflict is innate in mans life. The effect of the prohibition was that Nestorians fled to the Eastern side. According to Noor 2012 Islam holds a balancing view in relation to the root cause of the prolong conflict of nature nurture this-à-is human intelligence.

First Islam from the Arabic verb salimayaslemu means to surrender or submit to God. Rahma compassion and rahim mercy. But if one of them transgresses beyond bounds against the other then you all fight against the one that transgresses until it complies with the command of Allah.

Kadayifci- Orellana 2010 pp21-25 summarized the Islamic concept of peace in 5 elements Tawhid unity of all humankind. Historically the conflict between western and Islamic civilizations persisted and 911 has widened the gap between western civilization and Islamic world although the gap could have been closed due to multiculturalism that emerged in the late 20th century. This is Islams fundamental attitude towards life.

Islam literally means two basic concepts. Prevailing American and Muslim narratives is cultural conflict between Islam and the West When America and the Muslim Middle East interact then the significance of the interaction is not limited to the manifest external appearance of a political discussion or an economic transaction. Islam is explicit on the idea of warfare and its causative factors.

The phase of denial. The prevalent reservations of the West about the Islamic idea of Just War and its Laws of Armed Conflict LoAC are mainly attributable to the lack of a clear understanding of Islam and cultural differences. It gives the highest value to human dignity in formulating its laws of conflict.

Islamic international law and Islamic laws of armed conflict has not received due attention in western legal scholarship4 The concept of jihad have arguably been central to many modern conflicts including that of resistance to US occupation of Iraq 200320055 the struggle for self-determination in Kashmir 194720056. Al-adl justice which is the backbone of peace because without justice there can be no peace. Not only about the non-Muslim even about the Muslim aggressor in Sura Al-Hujurat The inner Apartment the Quran says.

If two parties among the Believers fall into a quarrel you make peace between them. Randeree and El Faramawy 2011 posited that. Allah is all-powerful sovereign and unknowable David Burnett Clash of Worlds 2002 p.

Abstract This paper deals with the concept and objectives of economic development from an Islamic perspective and discusses also a few related issues – the question of. While Islam and Christianity claim belief in one God the God of the Bible and Allah of the Koran are not one and the same. Islamic concepts concerning war refer to what have been accepted in Sharia Islamic law and Fiqh Islamic jurisprudence by Ulama Islamic scholars as the correct Islamic manner which is expected to be obeyed by Muslims in times of war.

This concept of the universe and of mans place therein determines the real and ultimate goal which should be the object of all the endeavors of mankind and which may be termed briefly as seeking the pleasure of God. Some scholars and Muslim religious figures claim that armed struggle based on Islamic principles is referred to as the Lesser jihad. Conflicts between the mind and the reality and our failure to accept the reality ie.

The stereotype is formed by a number of literature and media that depicted Islam as a religion of violence. Best Islam Topic Ideas Essay Examples. Department of Economics Kulllyyah of Economics and Management International Islamic University Malaysia.

Islam is often described as a religion that emphasizes the use of violence in its dawah method. The conclusion drawn about Islam needs to be further elaborated. It is the lack of the inner peace due to our internal conflicts which leads to the external disturbances in our behavior and affects our health.

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