The Concept of Freedom in Islam. As already stated every man is born free on the fitrah or in a pure state of nature.


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Waheed Akhtar Freedom In the Nahjul Balaghah Imam Ali as has repeatedly emphasized that God created man as a free being with sound senses and reason and led him with His grace to the right path but it was man who chained himself with false desires and misguided ambitions.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF FREEDOM. Theoretical innovation to establish freedom in the Arab-Islamic consciousness because freedom appears in the traditional literature only in the sense of being the antonym of slavery. The Islamic concept of freedom is a controversial issue on the level of intellectuals and clergy of different religions world-wide. So many people particularly in the democratic countries argue that Islam establishes authoritarian social and political systems and allows very little space for freedom of individuals and groups.

Islamic concept of freedom and strictness. Islam protects individual rights but also prescribes some responsibilities. Mention Islam to most Americans and they think of Saddam Hussein or the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Freedom is not historically a feature of theocratic political ideologies like Sharia states and Christian monarchies. There is no compulsion. It is popularly linked to violence and terrorism which is unfortunate.

Rights and obligations have a reciprocal relation with each other. This means that man is born free from subjugation sin inherited inferiority and ancestral hindrance. Since the concept of slavery was entrenched in the pre-Islamic world and equally contrary to the Islamic concept of freedom many inducements to free slaves were introduced.

Conversely in Islam freedom is opposed to and conflicts with whatever Allah has defined as evil due to His comprehensive Knowledge and infallibility. Such preternatural thoughts create. In the Arabic language the word hurr does not only mean free but it also implies noble Islam promotes the type of responsible freedom.

This is the clear message of Islam to whole mankind on earth and under the sun. Many western scholars and some Western influenced Muslim scholars also raised finger against the Islamic concept of freedom of expression. The freedom in Islam is like allowance of movement to a horse tied with a rope.

One famous exponent of freedom who knew that was Rose Wilder Lane. Islam laid down the principles of justice equality and freedom and established moral values. In Islam freedom is an inalienable right which enable man to lead amoral and upright life and brings him under the mantle of the justice and mercy of Allah.

Praise is to Allah the Lord of the worlds. The Concept of Freedom in the Nahjul Balaghah By. In Islam freedom is allowed within the confine of the Shariah which will guarantee human goodness and security in the hereafter.

Indeed Islam grants everyone the right to have his own opinion within the boundaries of morality. There ultimately is no concept of Islamic freedom if youre using Sharia states as your standard here. Within the framework of this Islamic concept of freedom there is no room for religious persecutions class conflict or racial prejudice.

Islam is a religion of moderation it avoids extremes and encourages the balance of synthesis without compromising its vital principles. On the contrary the Western concept of freedom carries far more negative implications when. Likewise many matters that were later found to be beneficial were initially prohibited and this constant fluctuation causes the concept of freedom in democracy to be undermined and belittled.

It is important to remember that freedom in Islam means freedom to do good not freedom to do just anything. Islam gives the right of freedom of thought and expression to all citizens of the Islamic State on the condition that it should be used for the propagation of virtue and truth and. There are very gloomy.

Far from being synonymous with intolerance and bloodshed Islam has a history of peace and respect for individual rights. Freeing a slave could help expiate sin. According to the Quranic and Hadith literature the concept of freedom of expression is granted but limited.

The Concept of Freedom in Islam. And freedom of speech. The Islamic concept of freedom is a natural right of man a spiritual privilege a moral prerogative and above all a religious duty.

By Farouk Kerbelkervice-chairman All praise is due to Allah Lord of the Worlds and may the peace and blessings of Allah Almighty be upon the Noble Prophet Muhammad S his family and companions and upon all those who follow the Truth until the end of time and beyond Insha Allah. A type of freedom that respects the other. It is like authority which implies responsibility and accountability and provides the justification for the day of judgement.

Islamic law and its freedom and limits are neither hard nor against the human nature but these laws follows up human nature at each and every step so that. The concept of freedom espoused in the West is not the only definitive meaning of freedom which we ought to concur with. The Islamic concept of freedom applies to all voluntary activities of man in all walks of life.

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