Money has no intrinsic utility. Hassan Published 2006 The time value of money is a basic investment concept and a basic element in the conventional theory of finance.


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Studies in Islamic Science and Polity.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF MONEY. It is only a medium of exchange Other restrictions include Islamic banks are to collect zakat obligatory religious alms giving from customers accounts at least according to some sources. To make money from money is strictly forbidden wealth can only be generated through legitimate trade and investment in assets. In the civilization that is still very simple human conduct exchange needs by barter.

In Islam money is not capital per se but merely potential capital. 1998 The Concept of Money in Islam. Monzer Khaff writes the article in the title time value of money and discounting in islamic perspective.

Islamic finance views money differently from the. Very fundamental to the understanding of major Islamic financial rulings is the adequate understanding of the concept of money in Islam. Publisher Name Palgrave Macmillan London.

Since the first man has used various means to establish exchange of goods in order to meet their needs. Spend and do not count lest Allah counts against you. Money cannot be made from money.

Two questions have to be asked in relation to money in Islam. It is worth examining the Islamic viewpoint on this concept because Islam prohibits interest. Money must be used in a productive way.

The principal basis of Islamic finance is based on the concept of trading involving the sharing of profit and risk loss. The Shariah does not rule out this consideration for it does not prohibit any increment in a loan given to cover the price of a commodity in any sale contract to be paid at a future date. Spend what you can.

Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad M. Types of Instruments in Islamic Money Market Mudarabah Interbank Investment MII Wadiah acceptance Qard Commodity Murabahah Program Bank Negara Monetary Notes-i BNMN-i Islamic Accepted Bills IAB Islamic Negotiable Instruments INI These are among the more popular IMM instruments presently traded in Malaysia 25. There is no concept of time value of money in Islamic finance and Islam does not recognized the value of money in any type of rescheduling of the debts.

Once a sale is mutually agreed between the parties any addition of money to this price due to delay is prohibited and haraam. Understanding Concept of Money and Capital in Islam. Concept of Time Value of Money in Islamic Finance and Banking.

First in what sense is money used as a store of value and a medium of exchange. Thus the idea of getting a return for money deposited in a bank is unacceptable in Islam. Similarly the deferred price of a commodity should be higher than its spot price to compensate for the difference between its present and future values.

Second what is the nature of stability of monetary aggregates in the Islamic economy in order to establish money as a standard to value assets. Re-visited said that M. Islamic principles differ from the capitalist theory as money and commodity have different characteristics for instance money has no intrinsic value but is only a measure of value or a medium of exchange it is not capable of fulfilling human needs by itself unless converted into a commodity.

The concept of money in Islam is utterly different from the conventional economics basically because Islamic principles are based on Shariah. However this exchange entails a double coincidence of wants from the parties that this exchange. Fahim Khan has discussed the concept of time value of money that shows the contradictions within the prohibition of interest to the permissibility of Bai Muajal and Salam.

Do not withhold your money lest Allah withholds from you. Another statement of the Islamic banking theory of finance is. For them are degrees of high position with their Lord and forgiveness and noble provision Quran 82-4.

Sum of money loaned to someone should be repaid with a contractually stipulated increment. Islamic Perspective on Time Value of Moneyhe conventional concept of discounting regards two similar values at two different points of time as two different values because of the time element involved. It requires the services of someone else like an entrepreneur to translate it into productive use.

It was observed that beside evaluation of time preference the Muslim economists worked on the role of time Saadallah 1994 in economic life and on the concept of time value of money Ahmad. Asmah related that the Prophet said. In this brief exposition we will simply introduce the salient concept of money in Islam while answering these questions.

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