Subsequently the study has found that Muslim concept of sovereignty could be divided into two divisions namely sovereignty over the people and sovereignty over the land or territory. How to reconcile Islams divine sovereignty to nation-states popular sovereignty.


To Whom Belongs All Sovereignty This Day To Allah The One The Prevailing Qur An 40 16 Quran Islamic Quotes Allah

The Holy Quran says.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF SOVEREIGNTY. Concerns to executive aspects legislative aspects and controlling aspects. Sovereignty is the basic concept of political thought which is universally recognized by political scientists of modern age. Islam has given a unique and different concept of sovereignty.

Although Islamists practically accepted liberal democracy in various forms across the world they are yet to solve the normative paradox. The question of sovereignty which basically deals with political power has become a matter of great concern to the Muslims since the nineteenth century especially those who are interested in the. This principle obliterates the possibility of human dictatorship absolute monarchy or autocracy in an Islamic state.

Whereas sovereignty over the entire universe belongs Almighty Allah and the authority to be exercised by the people of Pakistan within the limits prescribed by Him as a sacred trust. The Muslim concept of sovereignty over the people. Usually sovereignty is defined in one of two ways.

Thus to state succinctly the Quranic concept of sovereignty is universal that is nonterritorial transcendental meaning beyond human agency indivisible inalienable and truly absolute. Sovereignty is a contested issue in Islamist political thought. In Europe sovereignty emerged as an important political concept after the religious wars of the sixteenth century and as a result of the creation of the territorial nation state.

According to general meaning the greatest and supreme power of authority of a person and a group of people which is obediently followed the bulk of people in the in the country. It is advisable therefore to start the study with an examination of the origins of the Western theories in order to understand the Islamic concept of sovereignty as conceived by the modern Muslims. Sovereignty is an indivisible inalienable and unpunishable.

The second definition refers to the holder of legitimate power. One is general meaning and other is Islamic meaning of sovereignty. The Concept of Sovereignty in Islam.

From the Islamic concepts of sovereignty and Hukm emanates the concept of Amanah or trust indicating that the authority or the government is a trust. The Islamic concept of sovereignty differs from the western principles of international custom and law established by the Treaty of Westphalia. The purpose of this study is to analyse the modern trends among the Muslims concerning the problem of sovereignty.

Thus to state succinctly the Quranic concept of sovereignty is universal that is non territorial transcendental meaning beyond human agency invisible inalienable and truly absolute. Islamic concept of sovereignty. The modern concept of human sovereignty is completely alien to the political philosophy of Islam.

Governments authority is not as seen earlier an inherent right of Ummah. The Islamic concept of submission is more powerful in that it subordinates human will to the will and law of God unconditionally. The constitution of Pakistan is based on the concept of sovereignty.

It is He who gives life and death and He has full knowledge of all things. The first definition applies to Supreme public power. Muslim scholars also accept this definition of sovereignty but they differ from the Western scholars as to the locus of sovereignty.

As a religion Islam is not just a collection of theological discourse by reason of religion spiritual and God that there is no relationship with the world. The Quran emphatically reiterates that sovereignty belongs to Allah alone. The Concept of Sovereignty in Islam According to the Western concepts sovereignty may be vested in a determinate human superior a body of persons or various groups of the entire community.

Sovereignty in Islam involves the consideration of the Sovereignty of Allah the Sovereignty of the Holy Quran the Sove eignty of the Prophet of Islam the Sovereignty of the Khulafah the Sovereignty of Kings and Emperors the Sovereignty of the People and even the Sovereignty of the State. It is an ontological requirement and not a condition of any contract. It has been delegated by the Sovereign to.

And sovereignty in Islam extends to spiritual as will and as secular affairs. An important element of this is the Ummah the community of Muslims as a whole. Sovereignty of Allah is the fundamental principle of the Islamic concept of State.

As per the Islamic and Quranic teachings the ultimate and absolute sovereignty is vested in Allah. His sovereignty was handed down to the Holy Prophet SAW in the form of manifested sovereignty for the purpose of implementing it in social and political life of a society. Concept of sovereignty in Islam.

The concept of sovereignty is one of the most complex in political science with many definitions some totally contradictory. To Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and of the earth. It is only for Allah to Command and to Allah belongeth.

The Concept of Sovereignty in Islam Islam is a religion that different from the Western conception that separates religion and life.

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