The fifth characteristic of the Islamic Society is one Ummah. Political Concept Western and Islamic.


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The Caliph is the.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF STATE NOTES. The Islamic Belief system definition of a Muslim the Islamic ideology the concept of an Islamic Republic ultimate goal of the Islamic Republic social contract and the Divine covenant liberty and freedom secularism and freedom of religion freedom of expression individual liberty and state intervention. According to the Bluntchli State is the politically organized people of a definite territory. Its working principles are equality solidarity and freedom.

This paper outlines the basic principles of the Islamic Political System including. Islamic Beliefs its Impact on Individual Society and the Fundamental of Islam. Secondly it ensures fair and equitable distribution of wealth through effective measures.

The function of the Islamic state is to provide security and order so that Muslims can carry out both their religious and worldly duties. Sovereignty Justice Law Liberty Freedom Equality Rights and Duties Human Rights Political authority and Power. The conception of a state in Islam is that of a commonwealth of all the Muslims living as one community under the guidance and direction of a supreme executive head.

Muslims believe in Quran is the word of God. Although its roots go back further scholars typically date the creation of Islam to. It is based on the faith in unity of God and unity of human origin The state is an instrument of supreme social and political value.

Concept of universality that is present in the concept of Tawheed. Muslim community has internal goals that form its subsystems. Briefly the peculiarities of the state in Islam as set out in Al-Mawardis exposition are.

It must be clear where that state has jurisdiction and where it does not. That the state stood for the unity of the Muslim community and the oneness of the Muslim world therefore there should be appointed a single Caliph and if the Muslim world were to be fragmented into a. In order to meet social justice Islam takes two major steps.

Importance of Deen in Human Life. Islamic state is a state in which every Muslim has a right to serve his life according to the principles of Quran and Sunnah. CSS Syllabus Islamiat 100 Marks.

It is a minority citizenship model based on differential rights and responsibilities and communal autonomy for minorities. The economic philosophy of an Islamic state is based on the concept of social justice. A state is an organized political community within a definite territory living under a single system of government.

This concept of being one Muslim community is explained nicely in the Quran. The idea of State of Islam has a theological and metaphysical significance. This does not entail that such a state is necessarily a theocracy under direct rule of the learned men of religion nor is it an autocracy that vests absolute power in the ruler.

Features of Islam Concept of State Muhammad as the final messenger of Allah and acceptance of the Quran as the ultimate and unalterable word of God. Western Concept Of State and Emergence Of Modern State Presented by Mahnoor Fatima Pakiza Mushtaq Maryam Bibi 2. Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity with about 18 billion Muslims worldwide.

Concept of Islam. Verily this brotherhood of yours is a single brotherhood and I am your lord and cherisher. Muslim state has geo-political dimensions Muslim Community has a locus.

The concept of the State in Islam should therefore be understood on the basis of this integrative principle of Islam. Thus the ideal Islamic state is a community governed by the Law revealed by God. The Islam State is a Government of the Muslim by the Muslims and for the Muslim.

Concept of state in Islam. That the object of the state was to achieve the well-being of the Muslims not only in this world but also in the Hereafter. Every muslim believes that Sharia is based on the Quran it is the structure of Muslim.

An Islamic state provides equal opportunities to all its citizens to earn their livelihood. The concept of an Islamic state is of a territory that is governed according to the will of Almighty God and where people regardless of any differences live in a peaceful environment and enjoy their rights as per granted by Allah SWT. Second a state must have a permanent and well-established population.

The nature and emergence of modern nation-state system Islamic concept of state and Ummah IV. Distinctive Aspects of Islam. Therefore serve me and no other 2192.

The Holy Quran says. What is Islam State. Firstly it discourages rather condemns concentration of wealth in few hands.

First a state must have clearly defined borders. Following are the elementsfeaturescharacteristicsprinciples of an Islamic state. ISLAM VERSUS NON-MUSLEMS In Islam Al-Thimma system has run its course in a world where religion and nationality were not distinguishable.

To Him belongs the dominion of. -protection of Deen-preservation and protection of life -maintenance of family unit and its values -development of personality and intellect -economic well-being. Sovereignty of Allah is the fundamental principle of the Islamic concept of State.

In Surah Al-Anbiya The Prophets Allah says. Western concept of state 1. It is at best derivative of the original state of sovereign ownership5 This explains for instance why care for the poor in Islam is explicitly legislated as their right against the wealth of the well-to-do6 since the wealth of the latter is Gods and Gods compassion is first and foremost bestowed on the poor the orphans and the wretched of the earth7 If the physical world in its entirety is derivative then human.

Difference between Deen and Religion.

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