Islamic Welfare State IWS shapes the social economic cultural and political engagements as a complementary whole guided by the basic principles Sharia to establish a society where justice equity and economic prosperity are prominent as well as rape the benefits of. Islam proscribes any individual and private enterprise which may adversely affect the larger interests of society.


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The Islamic concept of the Welfare State is based not only on the manifestation of economic values but also on the moral and spiritual social and political values of Islam.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF WELFARE STATE. Islamic welfare state ensures socio-economic welfare of its citizens. ISLAMIC WELFARE STATE The concept of welfare state has become very popular these days. The article will further discuss the various policies of Islamization in Pakistan.

Features of Islam Concept of State Muhammad as the final messenger of Allah and acceptance of the Quran as the ultimate and unalterable word of God. The term is generally used to describe a state which possesses all or some of the following features. He was holding the firsthand knowledge of Quran and Hadiths the first primary sources in Islam.

Of welfare is best suited to man which enables him firstly to attain a fuller realization of his complete indivisible self spiritual as well as material in keeping with his status as vicegerent of God and secondly to make the optimum all-round contribution to his ummah and to mankind. In most simple terms the philosophy of the Islamic welfare system is to bring the surplus wealth into circulation and to ensure the balance and just distribution of the wealth among the poor and the needy. Among them Shah Waliullah is the rising sun who was born in South Asian sub-continent in the 19th century.

Provision of social security for unemployment health issues old age and disability. Muslim scholars have contributed enormously to the concept of welfare State. A principal duty of the Islamic State is to safeguard the security of the state and to maintain its defence arrangements in proper condition.

Welfare State in Islam aims at achieving the total welfare of mankind the Islamic concept of the Welfare State is based not only on the manifestation of economic values but also on moral spiritual social and political values of Islam. 95 Islamic institution of Zakat 15 and its law of inheritance effectively help in the distribution of wealth. The Islamic concept of the Welfare State is based not only on the manifestation of economic values but also on the moral and spiritual social and political values of Islam.

The term means a state in which the government assumes responsibility for minimum standards of living for every citizen. Muslims believe in Quran is the word of God. To eradicate poverty and to create conditions for full employment and a high rate of growth To promote stability in the real value of money To maintain law and order.

This paper is a thorough study of the Islamic concept of welfare state and its role in the development progress and uplift of the nation state and its moral values. The Islam State is a Government of the Muslim by the Muslims and for the Muslim. Ingredients of an Islamic Welfare State.

The dignity of labour was emphasised. A CRITIQUE OF PARVEZS IDEAS ABOUT ISLAM1 MUHAMMAD IQBAL CHAWLA Abstract. The concept of welfare in Islam can hence be neither.

Some aspects will be. The prime minister said the Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him through his good governance had established such a welfare state that had. The economic implication of this comprehensive welfare concept is that the Islamic state is responsible for the following.

In Islamic society basic. In the contemporary Muslim world Muslims have been facing. As a matter of fact the Islamic concept of the Welfare State is based not only on the manifestation of economic values but also on moral and spiritual social and political values of Islam.

What is Islam State. Shah Waliullahs point of view regarding welfare state. Every muslim believes that Sharia is based on the Quran it is the structure of Muslim.

It does not stop there. 1 Islam as universal religion of humanity believes in the well-being of. This study attempts to contextualize the Islamic economic system in the light of writings of Modern Muslim thinkers in general and Ghulam Ahmad Pervez in particular.

The concept of the state of Madina and Islamic welfare state in the light of the teaching of the Holy Prophet SAWthe development prosperity welfare stavility and survival of nations depends on the political system of the state that it holds for the welfare of the public if the system of the state has been marvelous high based on justice and is for well being of the public and the head. Islam pioneered the first effective concept of the welfare state.

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