It is indeed to create broader understanding of the problems of the underfed under-clothed and shelter less people and arouse an adequate amount of sympathy for their sufferings. Through fasting a Muslim experiences hunger and thirst and sympathizes with those in the world who have little to eat every day.


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ISLAMIC FASTING BENEFITS. From improved weight management and healthier blood cell regeneration through to better heart function and vascular wellbeing fasting has become quite the. Fasting reduces the stomach acid which in turn digests the food and reduces bacteria. Get Lifetime Access To Personalized Plans Recipes Of the Food You Like.

Fasting is compulsory during the month of Ramadan which is the ninth month of the Hijri calendar. There are many benefits of fasting in Islam. It is the regeneration of the entire immune system.

Ad Get Your Daily Fasting Agenda By Completing This 60-Sec Quiz Approved By Experts. The results of the paper disclose some significant reasons that fasting can be considered as a well being program to acquire patience strong will righteousness sincerity good manners. In a study done by the Egyptian Institute for Quran and Science doctors recommended fasting due to its benefits in giving the digestive system a rest.

Ad Get Your Daily Fasting Agenda By Completing This 60-Sec Quiz Approved By Experts. Fasting can cure all mucus diseases such as colds flu asthma hay fever sinus and bronchial troubles are rapidly dissolved andeliminated from the body leaving the user free from the varied allergies which cause difficult breathing and clogging of the sinus cavities. On this month in addition it is recommended to achieve the reward of those who sympathize orphans Muslims are also encouraged to fast sunnah.

Fasting is a discipline that enables the Muslim to realize the pangs of hunger and thirst. Saum fasting according to Islam is primarily a spiritual discipline. Decreases the risk of many deadly diseases like cancer dementia and neurological degeneration.

The most important virtue of fasting is that it brings one closer to Allah. Aside from the religious obligations upon Muslims during the Holy month of Ramadan fasting has countless health benefits too. One of many months in the Hijriah year which is glorified by Allah Subhanahu wa taala is the month of Muharram.

The Benefits of Muharram Fasting that Every Muslim Must Know. Fasting also assists in maintaining gut health. Fasting for Muslims means to abstain from food drink and marital sexual relations from dawn Fajr till dusk Maghrib.

For example it is recognized that fasting is one of the best treatments for acidity in the stomach as well as inflammation of the large intestines. Fasting is meant to instill this virtuous quality within us and its associated virtues of good character generosity patience purity of heart and so on. According to this review some of the main health benefits of Islamic fasting include weight loss attenuation of metabolic markers eg insulin resistance blood glucose and blood.

Fasting for a whole month during the month of Ramadan stimulate the production of new white blood cells. It is impossible to list all the health benefits of fasting as it helps to rejuvenate the body from head to toe. Through increased devotion Muslims feel closer to their Creator and recognize that everything we have in this life is a blessing from Him.

In this way fasting acts as a shield which protects us from sin and ultimately from the punishment of Allah in the Hereafter.

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