Recently countries like Malaysia and Indonesia have looked at yoga suspiciously as infringing into Islamic monotheistic principles since yoga is mainly a practice of the polytheistic Hindu religion. The Islamic mudra made while sitting in jalsah is to extend the indexfinger in a straight line to attest to the Oneness of God while forming the thumb and middle finger into.


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Once during Sujood prostration I couldnt help but become distracted.

ISLAMIC PRAYER AND YOGA. Perhaps this act of worship alone can provide solutions to most psychological and somatic problems in humans 89. This simple form of yoga offers physical mental and spiritual benefits five times a day as Muslims assume certain positions while reciting Quran and athkar remembrances. The Islamic prayer SalahNamaaz and yoga togetherness in mental health Shabbir Ahmed Sayeed and Anand Prakash Department of Medical Biology Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies Jeddah 21418 Saudi Arabia Department of Clinical Psychology Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies Jeddah 21418 Saudi Arabia.

These words are called mantras the most famous of which are the beeja mantras which are hram hreem hraim hraum hara. Syed and Prakash 1 observed that yoga procedures with Islamic prayers had been made to alleviate emotional problems. Mountain pose to improve posture and to strengthens thighs knees and ankles.

Islamic tenets is the five times daily obligatory prayer. Hence if yoga was considered to be haram they wouldnt have been allowed to practice the same worldwide. You need to deconstruct your religious identity and view the entire world with a bigger lens.

The authors suggested that mental health professionals include these two in. Standing Forward Bend to calm the brain and help relieve stress and mild depression. The Islamic form of prayer has provided Muslims for fourteen centuries with some of yogas same and even superior benefits.

Issuance of Fatwa the Islamic religious Rulings against the practice of yoga by members of the Muslim community in South-East Asia at large has reemphasized the need for carefully approaching the. 5 Ways Yoga Is a Basic Practice for Muslims. Whoever wants to benefit from yoga should also be vegetarian.

Salat or prayer should be performed very consciously and deliberately both physically and spiritually. In upshot the clinicians in the field of mental health care have been suggested to incorporate these two viewpoints in their intervention program at least for the Muslim patients for a more desirable outcome. Those ethical steps are called Yogangas.

Heres a quick Yoga Routine Inspired by Islamic Prayer. There is a lot of discussion on the spiritual significance of Salat. And he has to repeat specific words out loud whilst doing these exercises.

According to many case studies and researches it is founded that Muslim prayers and Yoga poses have direct connections. Called one of the oldest systems of personal development encompassing body mind and spirit by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine yoga has become one of the fastest growing health trends today. Both are agreed that while the body is important as a vehicle on the way to spiritual realization and salvation the human beings primary identity is not with the body but with the eternal SpiritThis is not a case of Yoga is not a religion.

People do yoga to stay fit and healthy but most Muslims dont understand how Islam promotes healthy living through prayers. In addition an attempt to combine yoga and its practices with Salah has been made for intervening and preventing the problems of mental health as an expeditious tool. Most mental health care clinics treat Muslim prayers as a.

In fact all the prayer positions in Islam are based on certain yoga postures. Yoga together make a mutually beneficial synergy. Islam and Yoga teach you to be true satya do Seva or Zakat Ahimsa or Non Violence Anekantvada or multiplicity of viewpoints and Non Possesiveness Aparigraha.

An-Nisa4103 A Yogi has to abide by some moral and ethical regulations. Prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times. Hero to stretch the thighs knees and ankles.

When sitting in the Lotus a yoga mudra that accompanies meditation is made by forming the indexfinger and thumb into a circle. Some syllables are also repeated in yoga such as Aum or Om. The physical significance however is often overlooked.

Interestingly for the millions of people enrolled in yoga classes the Islamic form of prayer has provided Muslims for fourteen centuries with some of yogas same and even superior benefits. Some of us Muslims can also be unaware of Salahs benefits and connection to yoga. 1 ISLAMIC PRAYER is a Part of ISLAMIC RELIGION Devout Muslims do FIVE TIMES in a Day NAMAAS Prayers facing the Direction in which their Holy City MECCA is there ISLAM has its own Concept of GODwell defined by Islamic Religious Scripture QUARAN.

Allah never forbade me from loving him in a downdog or a shoulderstand.

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