Hoping you will be relieved from your ailment soon. 1 Heavenly Father I take refuge in Your unfailing promises as I undergo this surgery.


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We pray for a successful surgery and for the.

ISLAMIC PRAYER FOR SOMEONE GOING INTO SURGERY. Ive been praying that you feel better soon and I am hoping that you get those. You watched over me through this surgery your angels stood guard when I. It is recommended to touch the area of pain with the right hand while reciting this supplication.

Before going into surgery anything can be recited. So I choose to rest in you. Before going into the operating room my customary approach with a patient in the preoperative area has been to ask them typically with the familyfriends present if they would like to say a prayer with my team and me.

Dont feel lonely or sad I want you to know all those who love you are with you in prayer and will give you all the support you need. Guide the surgeons hands to be successful. Thank you that you pour out your spirit upon us a new each day.

I ask in the name of Jesus. Those randomized to prayer. It is very brave of you to take that decision of going for surgery.

I relentlessly remember your wellbeing in my prayers and pleading for your swift surgery. Help me to find joy in nature the people I meet and the different things I see along the way. Make skilled the work of the surgeon and that of his team for it is unto their knowledge and skill that I give myself for healing.

I know that you hate what their illness is doing to themme. To the balance of good health. Lord Jesus thank you that you love name of person who needs healing.

Bless the work of their hands and lead them as they give out to those in need. Prayer for recovery from surgery Dear Lord Thank you for the surgeons doctors and nurses that have cared for me. Lord please protect my heart mind and body under the anaesthetic.

1 Some have even made this into a card to hand out as mentioned in one of the comments to the question. In measuring the impact of prayer immediately before surgery in a Muslim population. Best of luck with the surgery.

If youre looking for strength and healing before a surgery pray this prayer. Surgery can sometimes be a ticket out of chemotherapy but only if all goes well. Remove the illness cure the disease.

The Sustainer of Mankind. The pain will soon be over. May God make His face shine on you.

My sincere prayers go for your surgery. For Healing from Judaism Give ear Adonai to my prayer heed my plea for mercy. God Father You are my refuge my only refuge.

Stay strong throughout the procedure since Allah always does whats best for you. He is the best friend best protector and best helper Al-Imran 373 Al-Anfal 840 Reciting Surah Ad-Dhuha Chapter 93 can also work as a wonderful pacifier. Lord you have been beside me each step of the way.

Thank you that your grace is sufficient for us within each moment that we live. Prayers before surgery and faith are powerful. The more the better.

So I pray for my loved one that they would know your peace in their hearts. Allahuma rabbi-nas adhhabal basa ashfi wa entashafi la shifa illa shifauka shifa la yughadiru saqama. Nothing can happen to me or happen to the operated person except what is decided by you O Father.

Prayers for Successful Surgery. Hoping you get to go home soon. Medical staff who will be working with himher.

Im so blessed to hear that youre feeling better and that the surgery went well. Sending you all the good luck and love. I would argue that bloodletting is close enough to surgery so that the same prayer can be used.

Being stressed about such a major operation is natural and prayer can sometimes help you relax. Ask Question Asked 8 years 1 month ago. Gather family and friends in prayer pray with great faith.

God of Health and Wholeness We gather this morning to pray. For our dear friend insert name as we desire for her to be restored. And grant healing and help.

I ask you Lord make everything go well in the surgery. Prayer for someone undergoing surgery. You are the One Who cures.

Thank you Lord Because I know that doctors are your instruments and helpers. Protect my physical body as the surgeon operates on me. In Jesus name I believe and pray.

Good luck with your operation. Those believing in a higher power also experience reduced mortality rates as well as fewer cardiac eventsWhile there isnt a lot of research on prayer before surgery Donn M. Uncertainties Prayer My Father I am setting off this journey going to a new place and I am full of fear and uncertainty about the trip and because I have never been to this place before.

A Prayer in Time of Surgery. Praying for God to hold you in the palm of His hand while you continue to heal. Prayers for Someone With Cancer Going into Surgery.

God has planned for you to feel better through this surgery so dont lose hope. A Healing Prayer for a Sick Friend. Let Your Spirit be with the surgeon Lord that he may help me to be restored to good health once again.

Shahada fatihah ayatul kursi surah ikhlas etc etc. 14 Prayer Before Surgery O Jesus Christ Messiah and Lord grant me joyful acceptance of the surgery which awaits me and let this be the relief and cure which I seek. Allah is sufficient for me.

A Prayer for Successful Surgery a prayer for someone about to have an operation Almighty God I am in your care today as I go into surgery. Welcome His presence into your surgery. Heavenly Father grant me joyful acceptance of the surgery which awaits me.

Innī Aūdhu Bir-Raĥmani Minka In Kunta Taqīyāan. Thank you that you hold all things together and breathe life itself into our beings. An orthopedic surgeon described how a study showed that women who attend religious services have a lower mortality rate.

Ĥasbunā Allāhu Wa Nima Al-Wakīl Nima Al-Mawlaá Wa Nima An-Naşīr. Prayer for Someone Going Into Surgery a prayer for a friend to have a successful operation Lord You have soothed us saying do not worry about tomorrow. Shahadah can be recited at any time and should be in the heart of a Muslim at all times.

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