Prayer for exams success a short prayer for passing an exam Father I pray that you would help me pass this exam. Exam is like a fever which speaks up from the head of studying students.


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Imtihan mein kamyabi ki Dua se Kise Faydah hua.

ISLAMIC PRAYER TO PASS EXAM. Father I lay before you everything I have studied. Please use a min of your time to say me a prayer for my test exams I want to pass with good grades and make myself my parents proud. These are the best dua for passing exams with good marks.

– Remembering Allaah Thikr dispels anxiety and tension. Short Prayer Before Exams. I know that this is just another door I have to walk through to get to where You want me to be.

Oh Allah help me understand this section on tectonic plates. Here we are sharing some dua for success in exams. To be successful in exam you need to know answers of questions.

Oh God help me remember all of my physics formulas during the exam. Please give me the faith to believe I can pass this test Yet the peace to know that all is well. Oh Allah help me write an excellent essay in the written word section.

May I channel all I have learnt into this exam. Prayer For Passing Exams Islam. Here is the powerful prayer for success in exam and you have to recite it after every Salah.

So be optimistic that you and your brothers will pass this exam. Results related to Prayer To Pass Exam In Islam. So be optimistic that you and your classmates will pass this exam.

The second prayer can be said before the exam final and is a simple petition to God for help guidance and inspiration. Glory be to Him who does not treat the citizens of His kingdom unjustly. Islamic Prayer for Exams Success.

My prayer for you today is this as you engage this prayers for success in exams you shall never lack success in Jesus name. Thank you so much. I couldnt have made it here without You.

Thank you for your guidance in leading me to this study and for sustaining me as I have worked for this qualification. However in the end we have to give our exams to pass. The mighty hand of God will guide you through your examination and you will come out with flying colours in jesus name.

There should be at least a few days remaining in your exam results. Islamic Prayer For Exams. Before that you have to read or recite the Durood Shareef and then start reciting the Surah Yaseen.

Dua for successin exams. I ask now that your spirit would lead me. Pray this prayers in faith and expect your success in exams in Jesus name.

Dua Before Doing an Exam-For Passing Eams A Grades He used to like to hear the words Yaa Raashid when he went out for any purpose. You are a child. Take advantage of Tahajjud time.

A big thanks to the Author. Just praying and asking Allah to change this rule is like this. The school or college going students has only one fear in their mind about exam that anyhow exam done well and they will obtain good percentage marks in it.

To know answers of questions you need to study first. This dua for exam shall have to be performed before the exam results. In exam season it is more than normal to feel the pressure in extravagant proportions.

Remembering Allaah dhikr dispels anxiety and tension. Thank you that you are with me no matter what the result. I pray for Your grace and wisdom to flow through me my thoughts and my answers that I may clear this paper with peace and ease.

Allah created this world with rules which we have to understand and obey. Glory be to Him who does not let the torment and pain come suddenly upon mankind. Glory be to the compassionate the merciful.

Allahumma inni aoodhoo bika minal-hammi walhuzni wal-ajzi wal-kasali wal-bukhli wal-jubni wa dalid-dayni wa ghalabatir- rajaal. If something is too difficult for you then pray to Allaah. Wazifa to Convince Someone for Marriage.

I seek refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow weakness and laziness miserliness and cowardicethe burden of debts and from being oppressed by men. Prayer For Exam Come still my heart O Lord Calm my nerves and focus my mind. Exam fever mentally tortures the students.

In the name of Allah the most kind the most merciful. The last part of the night right before dawn is considered a blessed time. If your results are going to be declared after 10-12 days.

O Allah fill my heart with true enlightenment wisdom. Their performance in exam should be well. After that recite the Surah Yaseen every day in the morning and when you start reciting.

Studying your exam is a dua to Allah that you want to pass your exam. Excellent Dua Before Doing an Exam-Dua For Passing Exams Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem With The Name of ALLAH The Gracious and The Merciful SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam. Prayer To Pass Exam In Islam The first is a prayer for success for passing an exam and asks for Gods leading and clear thinking whilst taking the test.

Test our resolve and more importantly our know-how about the things we have learned. I Pray Allah accept your prayers too. Oh God help me get a five on my AP exam.

If he remembers Me in his heart I remember him to Myself and if he remembers Me in assembly I mention him in an assembly better than his and if he draws nearer to Me a hands span I draw nearer to him an arms length and if he draws nearer to Me an arms length I draw nearer to him a fathom length and if he comes to me walking I rush to him at great speed Bukhari and Muslim. Do not take exams too seriously otherwise it will develop a phobia inside you. A Good day to you if youre seeing this I hope Allah answers all our prayers.

Father I thank You for bringing me this far. May Allah bless you.

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