The woman who visited a grave out of ignorance of this ruling is not to blame but she should not do it again. Ibn Mãjah 1596 Nasaĩ 2034 The Prophet Muhammad s taught the following words as salutation to the people of the graves and a prayer for their forgiveness.


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Almighty Allah next to that grave and the reward of all the devotional acts that are done by that angel will.

ISLAMIC PRAYER VISITING GRAVE. All forms of behavior that wouldnt be considered calm and peaceful remain discouraged. It is not permissible to build mosques or domes etc over graves because the Messenger peace. This is major shirk which puts a person beyond the pale of Islam because prayer is an act of worship and it is not permissible to do any act of worship to anyone other than Allaah.

Visiting graves to pray to their occupants or seek their help or ask them to intercede this is a reprehensible action and indeed it is major shirk. During visit to graves one cannot perform prayers salat. AS SALAAM ALEIKUM AHLED-DIYAAR MINAL MUSLIMEENA WAL MUMINEEN WA INNA INSHA ALLAH BEKUM LAHIQOON.

زوروا القبور فإنها تذكركم الآخرة. I have prohibited you to visit the grave in the past. It was narrated that the Prophet ﷺ cursed women who visit graves.

Visiting graves is only for men_ But with regard to the prayer women praying the funeral prayer. Remember now visit it since that might soften your hearts wet your eyes of tears and remind you of the Last Day but dont utter wicked words Narrated by Hakim see Shahihul Jaami no. The first thing we must do when we visit any graveyard is invoke the prayer that the Messenger of Allah saws used to invoke whenever he visited a graveyard.

As to any one who recites Srah al-Qadr at the grave of a faithful believer seven times Almighty Allah will send to him an angel who will worship Him ie. Scholars who argue that visiting graves is permissible for women also say they shouldnt do it too often. Prayer in my mosque is better than a thousand prayers anywhere else apart from the sacred Mosque Bazzar.

من زار قبري وجبت له شفاعتي which means. For a blissful family. BThe deceased also benefits and is treated kindly by the visitor greeting him with salaams making duaa for him praying for forgiveness for him.

Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam said. Allaah says interpretation of. Visiting The Graves of Non-Muslims Abu Huraira reported.

Praying at graves I was told that Imam Shaafi used to pray two Rakas at the grave of Abu Hanifah whenever he had some trouble and his trouble would go away with this act Can this be done Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions What you have been told dear brother is one of the many fabricated. Visit the graves for they will remind you of the hereafter. It is sunnah for the visitor to also have the intention to travel to pray in the mosque of the Prophet.

Based on this traveling for visiting the grave of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him is permitted through the Quran Sunnah and the consensus of the community. YAGFIRALLAHU LANA WA LAKUM. Praying at graves is of two types.

The first type is praying to the occupant of the grave. AThe visitor benefits from remembering death and the dead remembering that their destiny will be either Paradise or Hell. Umm Salamah RA said.

Women Shouldnt Visit Graves too Frequently. For asking forgiveness for yourself and anyone who enters your house. For a healthy life.

Women should stop visiting graves. When visiting the Grave. Abu Dawud Salat 24.

We were forbidden to follow the funeral procession but it was not made absolute on us So there are all the benefits of visiting the grave in Islam. It is makrooh to perform prayers facing a grave. If she does so she has to repent and seek forgiveness and repentance cancels out whatever came before.

Back to the Prayers Index PRAYER WHEN VISITING A GRAVE The following may be used when visiting the grave of a family member or friend. He who visits my grave will be granted my greatest intercession. The purpose of visiting the graves is twofold.

The method and rewards of visiting the graves of faithful believers have been demonstrated in another tradition reported from Fuayl who accordingly said. This applies only to Muslims. Praise be to Allah.

Islam allows little to no wailing or excessive crying when visiting a grave. For fear of committing Shirk. For controlling your anger.

Graveyards can never be used as masjids. It is not permissible to put candles and light them up on graves. I sought permission from my Lord to beg forgiveness for her but it was not granted to me and I sought permission to visit her grave and it was granted to me so visit the graves for that makes you mindful of death.

Women are forbidden from visiting grave by the Prophet peace be upon him. This hadith is reported by ad-Daraqutniyy and. The Etiquette of Visiting Graves in Islam.

January 5 2014 Hadith Sunnah Islam. Translation O Allah surely name the person is under Your protection and in the rope of Your security so save him from the trial of the grave and from the punishment of the Fire. The Apostle of Allah swt visited the grave of his mother and he wept and moved others around him to tears and said.

Pray in your houses and do not make them like graves Muslim 4. For being grateful to Allah. The month of November especially on All Saints Day and All Souls Day is the traditional time for visiting graves as is the anniversary of death All make the sign of the cross.

This is the primary purpose of the visit.

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