Let’s Do good deeds and good thoughts



decorate people with good thoughts and do good deeds

Let’s Do good deeds and good thoughts

Remember Muslim friends, that life in this world is only temporary, while the hereafter is eternal. Allah swt gives people the opportunity to prepare provisions for life in the hereafter. Did you know that life in this world is a field of charity for the afterlife. It’s a shame if the opportunity to live in this world is not used properly. Later in the hereafter they will regret not using the opportunity to live in this world to increase their good deeds. Allah swt does not need good deeds from us, on the contrary, we need them.


O smart generation of Muslims, every good deed that you do will get a reward in the form of a reward from Allah swt. No matter how small your deeds are, Allah swt will repay you fairly. Do not underestimate pious deeds that seem small and simple, such as smiling when meeting with friends or other people. Because the value of charity lies in its sincerity, not a lot or a little. Meanwhile, the only one who knows the level of sincerity is Allah swt. Instill in yourself the spirit to do good deeds. Make yourself a person with noble character. Be kind to Allah swt, that Allah swt will always protect His pious servants. 

Are you ready to always do good deeds from now on?

Think about the many chaos and strife that has resulted from prejudice. It’s really bad thinking is a despicable behavior that we should avoid. Being kind will make our lives calm, comfortable, and harmonious. Isn’t this everyone’s dream? Therefore, let’s get used to being kind in everyday life.

Let’s understand about good deeds

Do you know what is meant by good deeds? To know the meaning of good deeds, pay attention to the word of Allah swt in Q.S al-‘Asr verses 2-3 “


The verse confirms that humans are indeed in loss, except those who do four things, namely:

1. have faith in Allah swt,

2. to do good or good deeds,

3. to advise each other to the truth,

4. Advise each other for patience.

The word good deeds comes from the word “amilus”, which is all actions that are beneficial to oneself or others, and in accordance with rational reason, the Qur’an, and as-Sunnah. Between faith and good deeds is a unity and cannot be separated. A person who believes without good deeds followed, then his faith is meaningless. On the other hand, pious deeds without being based on true faith will have no value in the sight of Allah swt. Faith must be proven by good deeds and righteous deeds must be based on true faith.

The opposite of pious deeds is sayyi’ah charity, which is charity that brings harm to both the perpetrator and others. It is indeed a loss for someone who does bad in this world, even though this world is a field for the hereafter. Every good and bad deed, even though it is very small, will still get a fair reward from Allah swt.

Have you ever seen your people or friends give charity, but very little? Do not belittle or insult because of a little deed. Because the value of a charity does not depend solely on how much or how little it is, but also on its sincerity, while the value of a person’s sincerity is only Allah swt who knows. Allah swt loves a servant who does good deeds continuously even if it is little, indeed the best thing is to do a lot and be sincere, and do it continuously.

O Muslim youth, know that there are three kinds of good deeds, namely:

1. good deeds towards Allah swt. That is carrying out His orders and leaving His prohibitions

2. Good deeds towards humans, namely carrying out rights and obligations towards fellow human beings. Examples are giving a smile, being friendly, speaking politely and helping the needy.

3. good deeds towards the natural environment, namely preserving nature, for example, is throwing garbage in its place, maintaining cleanliness, and doing reforestation.

In addition to these three good deeds, there is a good deed called Jariyah. Charity Jariyah is an act of kindness that is done sincerely by hoping for the pleasure of Allah swt and bringing rewards for the perpetrator even though he has died. The reward of Charity Jariyah will continue to flow as long as people who are still alive can still take advantage of the results of the virtues that he left in the world.

The benefits of doing good deeds

People who do good deeds will benefit as follows:

1. be given forgiveness and a great reward from Allah swt

2. given additional instructions

3. given a good and decent life

Kindness or husnudzon is a commendable behavior that must be possessed by Muslims. Laan from husnudzon is su’udzon or prejudice. Prejudice is a despicable behavior that will bring harm, both to the perpetrator and to others. Allah swt forbids prejudice, as He says in Q.S al-Hujurat verse 12

O pious people, let us get used to being kind in our daily lives. What are the forms of thinking? It is good to think that there are three kinds, namely:

1. be kind to Allah swt. 

People who are kind to Allah swt will always be grateful for all the pleasures from Him, and be patient for all trials. Why should we be grateful to Allah swt? Because Allah swt has given invaluable gifts and pleasures to humans. So people should be grateful to Allah swt.

Then, why should we be patient against all trials? Because Allah swt has perfect qualities and it is not possible for Allah swt to want evil for His servants. Every test and trial from Allah is not meant to hurt His servants, but to test obedience, faith, and patience.

2. be kind to yourself

Have you ever experienced difficulties in life? If so, how do you deal with it? Someone who is kind to himself will have an attitude of confidence, optimism, and work hard. On the other hand, someone who thinks badly of himself will feel pessimistic, and lazy to try.

3. be kind to other people

As social beings, humans always need other people. Other people around us must be treated with kindness, courtesy, mutual love, and respect. Having a good attitude towards others will lead to harmony in social life. Meanwhile, a bad attitude will only trigger division and conflict.

The benefits of being kind

A person who gets used to being kind will get the following benefits:

1. life becomes calm and optimistic

2. believe that there is wisdom behind all suffering and failure

3. to form a strong personality.

4. make a person firm in his stance because it is not easy to accept bad influences from other people.

5. make someone creative

6. causes someone not to give up easily

7. Friendship and brotherhood relations are getting better

8. Avoid regrets in relationships with others

9. always happy and happy for the happiness of others.

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