MEANING AN IMPORTANT LIFE WITH THE ISLAMIC LIFESTYLE – Humans were created by Allah SWT as caliphs on earth. As caliphs, humans certainly have heavy duties and responsibilities. Allah SWT has given humans an ability that other creatures do not have, namely the ability to think and physical ability. It is intended to assist humans in carrying out their duties as caliphs on earth. With the ability to think, humans can distinguish between good and bad things in this mortal life. With this gift, humans in their daily lives can take what is beneficial for themselves and others and can prevent something that can be bad for themselves and others. While the physical abilities are owned, humans can try and work to meet the needs in their lives.

In everyday human life, Islam exists to regulate human life in this mortal world, based on the holy book of the Qur’an which came down like a holy book for all mankind from the beginning of human civilization until later on the day of the end. Allah is the only God worshiped by mankind, and Prophet Muhammad is one of Allah’s messengers to direct mankind to the right path. Islam has spread widely, both in its knowledge and in the rules that have been taught by the Prophet Muhammad to all corners of the world.

When we are asked what Islam means, we answer “Islam means peace”. When we are asked what religion is. Then the answer is, “Religion is a science that teaches a system or method of living in the world”. When we are asked what the nature of the teachings of Islam is, then we answer in one short sentence, namely “The Teachings of Divine Oneness”, or “Teachings of Tawhid”. And when we are asked about the relationship between the teachings of Islam and life, the description will be long and broad, as wide as the endless life.

Two things are generally sought by humans in this life. The first is goodness (al-Khair) and the second is happiness (as-sa’adah). These two things must be fulfilled by humans who want a perfect and extraordinary life. Although in reality, nothing is perfect and extraordinary in this world except Allah SWT. If these two things are fulfilled in every journey of human life, it will make humans feel inner and outer peace. However, to realize these two things is not something easy. Each person has a different view when understanding the nature of the two, this difference is what underlies the emergence of various human lifestyles.

Differences in perspective which eventually became differences in perception gave rise to various ways of life or what is more popularly referred to as differences in lifestyle. For Muslims, the lifestyle of each individual has been regulated by Allah and His Messenger through the Qur’an and As-Sunnah. Both are the most appropriate guide to go toward a straighter path. However, over time, it seems to have changed most Muslim’s understanding of the guidance in living life. Currently, some people are hedonistic in style, like to spend a lot of time, and only think about worldly interests. Indeed this is very contrary to the lifestyle as commanded by Allah and His Messenger.

In the view of Islam, the lifestyle can be grouped into two groups, the first is the Islamic lifestyle and the second is the ignorant lifestyle. The Islamic lifestyle has an absolute and strong foundation, namely monotheism. This is the lifestyle of the believer. As for the ignorant lifestyle, its basis is relative and fragile, full of shirk nuances, this is the lifestyle of the infidels. Every individual Muslim has become necessary for him to choose an Islamic lifestyle in living his life and life. This is in line with the following words of Allah SWT which means:

لۡ لِيٓ اْ لَى للَّهِۚ لَىٰ ا۠ ٱتَّبَعَنِيۖ للَّهِ ا۠ لۡمُشۡرِكِينَ

“Say: “This is my way (religion), I and those who follow me invite (you) to Allah with clear evidence, Glory be to Allah, and I am not of the polytheists.” (Surah Yusuf: 108)

Based on the meaning of the verse, it is clear that the Islamic lifestyle is obligatory for every Muslim, and the ignorant lifestyle is haram. It’s just that in reality, it makes us very concerned because it is precisely the ignorant lifestyle that is forbidden that dominates most of the lifestyles of Muslims. This phenomenon is exactly as once indicated by the Prophet Muhammad. He said:

“There will be no apocalypse until my Ummah has followed in the footsteps of the previous ummah, span by inch and cubit by cubit.” The Messenger of Allah was asked, “O Messenger of Allah, following the Persians and Romans? He replied, “Who else if not them?”. (Narrated by al-Bukhari from Abu Hurairah, Sahih)

The following are some of the principles of an Islamic Lifestyle that is pleasing to Allah:

Intend To Worship.

In carrying out things in this world, whether modern or conventional, everything must be based on the intention of worshiping Allah.

Good and Fast

All styles that can be carried out in life must be based on good and appropriate principles, in the sense that they must be by the Shari’a, common sense, and customs.

Halal and Thayib

Everything worn to support a lifestyle must be halal according to Islamic law, and thayib or will not harm or hurt anyone.

No Lies

Life in Islam is strictly forbidden to contain lies, everyone must have honesty as the main basis for living a worldly life.

Not excessive

The Islamic lifestyle also prohibits a person from being excessive, because this will only harm himself and the people around him. Allah does not like people who like to waste things.

A simple lifestyle must be cultivated and carried out for Muslims. No exception in our immediate environment and our families. If parents set an example for their children about simplicity, then the child will be awake from feeling superior to others, not happy with luxury, and able to control himself from living in luxury. Simple is a beauty. Why? Because a simple person will easily break away from pride and more easily feel the suffering of others. So, for people who feel their appearance is less beautiful, beautify with simplicity. Simplicity is the fruit of the power of controlling desire.

In Islam, being rich is not something that is forbidden, it is even recommended. The commandment of zakat can be fulfilled if we have wealth, as well as the command of Hajj and many other virtues depending on wealth. What is forbidden is exaggeration and extravagance. This does not mean to invite poverty but invites us to be careful with the desire to live in luxury. One important thing, it turns out that in any country modest people are more respected, more respected than people who live in luxury.

Prophet Muhammad was a very simple person. Even though his wealth is very large, his house is very simple, there is no throne, no crown although if he wanted it would be very easy for him to get. Then, why did Prophet Muhammad have wealth? He used the wealth to spread the message of Islam, preach, help the poor, and empower the weak. From what was exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, we must be rich and must distribute this wealth to other people as much as possible, especially to those closest to us.

So, if we have the money and the needs of the family have been met, clean it from other people’s rights by tithing. If there is more, then prepare it for relatives in need. Our wealth should be enjoyed by many people. Simple and not excessive will make us have an excess budget for worship, to increase our ability to do good deeds to help others. Wouldn’t frugal behavior and simple living help and relieve us in the future? The importance of frugal living and simplicity is the best step we take in our daily life.

We must remember that Allah appointed us as caliphs on earth

لَّذِي لَكُمۡ لَٰٓئِفَ لۡأَرۡضِ لِّيَبۡلُوَكُمۡ اتَىٰكُمۡۗ لۡعِقَابِ لَغَفُورٞ

“And it is He Who made you rulers over the earth and raised some of you above some (others) several degrees, to test you about what He has given you. Verily, your Lord is swift in torment, and indeed He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [QS. Al-An’am:165]

Every Muslim is a servant of the earth, and Islam is just a religion. We must try to live in harmony and simplicity so that peace of mind and peace are always in our hearts which Insha Allah will bring us closer to Allah. Life is only once using life for goodness and to benefit others. May we all be among the lucky ones. Wallahu Alam bishwab.

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