Organized Evil Will Overcome Messy Good


Muslims are no stranger to sayings or slogans that read “unorganized truth (then) organized falsehood will defeat it” or more popularly disorganized truth can be defeated by organized falsehood. This expression is said to have come from the 4th caliph, namely Ali bin Abi Talib kw. who died in Kufa. Even in Indonesia, the slogan is so popular, many ustad, lecturers, writers and educated people seem to believe that it really came from Imam Ali kw., so it is not uncommon for the phrase to be said and written just like that without tracing and knowing the source.


In this day and age, there are many organizations of people who dedicate their lives to doing evil. In other words, his life is for evil and his crime is for living. This fact should not only be watched out for, but also anticipated. This is because, at unexpected times, organized people dare to do anything, including attacking those who uphold what is right and prevent what is wrong. The Prophet SAW suggested that believers unite to be organized, so that they are able to anticipate the crimes of organized people.

Believers have the same interest, namely carrying out obligations, namely enjoining makruf nahi munkar. Usually, even in the world of politics, as long as there are common interests, it will be easy to form a desire to unite.

Thus, if now many people claim to be believers but are not united in preventing evil, they may be having problems with their hearts. The hearts of some have stirred with the rusts of hypocrisy. In the Qur’an it has been explained about the existence of people who claim to believe, but actually do not.

Therefore, it is important to cleanse the heart so that it is always moved to unite in preventing every evil. Including dealing with people who are organized in crime.

A wise man once said, organized evil will triumph over disorderly good. This saying is absolutely true.

We try to compare two cases in one big case. About the robbers and also the security.

The first is a gang of criminals who will rob a bank. Before robbing, they make a strategy and plan.

The robbers studied the location around the bank. They observe security movements. And they prepared several other robbery plans.

Not only that, the band of robbers has also prepared a plan to escape and eliminate traces. They have prepared all the risks and also the impact.

As a result, the robbers managed to steal the bank. They weren’t caught either. Their organized crime was successful.

Second, let’s look at the security side. Even though the security at the bank is in accordance with the standards that have been made. The security guards are always ready and highly committed in carrying out their duties.

Their dedication is unquestionable. However, their skills in technology are still limited. This is the opening for crime to enter.

The security forces always prioritize preparedness. They stand guard 24 hours a day. But they forget that technology is very important to implement.

They do not install CCTV, emergency alarms and fatally they do not equip themselves with the ability to observe intruders. That’s the weakness that becomes the gap.

Their belief in Allah’s protection, their dedication to work and their good intentions to maintain security were not accompanied by a security reform system so that the robbers won.

In the end, organized evil triumphs over random good.

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