Paradise will be filled with these 7 groups



Paradise will be filled with these 7 groups

Heaven and hell is a place that is provided for someone who has died in return for his life while on earth.


Surag is the most beautiful place made by Allah for a servant who is always obedient in worship and always stays away from Allah’s prohibitions. On the other hand, hell is a vile and contemptible place that is provided for his servants who always sin.

Heaven is described in surah al-insan verse 20, that heaven is a very large kingdom in which it is full of pleasures, and the most beautiful paradise is paradise paradise.

It is impossible if Muslims do not want Allah’s paradise. Of course, the enjoyment that will be obtained in heaven is truly beautiful and eternal for those who are chosen.

Allah SWT created heaven as a place of return for those who believe. The heavens that Allah created are various. The highest and most important heaven is Paradise Paradise. Everyone yearns for this paradise.

However, can everyone become a resident of paradise paradise?

As humans, we certainly hope to be one of those who are chosen to be residents of Paradise. For the realization of this desire, Allah SWT has given us the key that we must have to be able to open the door of Paradise, so that we can enter it.

The people who will become residents of paradise paradise are as stated in the letter al mu’minun verses 1 to 11, namely:

1. always be solemn in prayer

Even though it is hard, it must always be cultivated by surrendering, being sincere, sincere and focusing only on Allah in carrying it out. People who are always solemn in their prayers.

2. stay away from bad and useless actions

Those who always choose useful actions over those that waste time. These people will always abandon falsehood and unnecessary swearing. People who abstain from useless deeds.

3. fulfill the obligation of zakat

Zakat itself is an obligation for every Muslim that must be issued every year. Zakat teaches us to share, because in the wealth obtained there are other people’s rights. More than that, zakat is useful for purifying one’s property and soul. People who always pay zakat will be one of the prospective residents of paradise.

4. stay away from adultery and guard his privates

The act of adultery is strictly prohibited by Allah even if it is only approaching it. Therefore, whoever manages to stay away from it will clearly get a great reward. People who guard their private parts from heinous acts and adultery will be one of the candidates for the residents of paradise.

5. hold and keep the view

One can see is a very big blessing and must be grateful for by every human being and must be used as well as possible. Therefore, Allah commands humans to keep their eyes on things that are not good. Those who held back their gazes would become one of the potential residents of the paradise heavens.

6. People who keep their promises and are always trustworthy

A person who has a mandate, it is obligatory to take care of it as well as possible and especially for a leader who is elected by the people. Promises must always be kept because a promise is a debt that must be carried out and kept.

People who are able to keep the trust and promises that have been carried will be one of the prospective residents of paradise paradise.

7. Maintain the worship of prayer in any circumstances

Prayer is the most important practice as a Muslim. Keeping here means always praying on time and perfecting bowing, prostration and other movements. People who keep their prayers will be one of the prospective residents of paradise paradise.

Hopefully we all belong to the group of people who can enjoy the beauty of paradise… amen

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