Practice to make it easier to pay off debt that needs to be tried



Practice to make it easier to pay off debt that needs to be tried

Muslim Creed – Need to know for those of you who are in debt. Islam does allow its people to take debts. Rasulullah SAW also once owed a Jew when he needed something.


Debt in Arabic is called al-qardh. Etymologically, this term has the meaning of “cutting”, while the word qardh according to sharia has the meaning of “giving treasure” on the basis of love to those who need and use it properly, and will be returned to the giver.

Islam does not prohibit a person from taking debt. However, Islam also emphasizes that a person should only owe when in a state of need and not delay in paying it off within a predetermined period of time.

People who neglect to pay their debts until he leaves the debt will suffer losses, even on the Day of Resurrection.

However, not everyone can pay off their debts easily. Perhaps, they wanted to pay it off immediately, but still didn’t get a sufficient amount. Therefore, in addition to trying to pay off their debts, people who have debts can pray to pay off debts, practice and pray at night to make it easier to pay off debts.

Allah SWT provides solutions and strength to all His servants in the face of all trials and obstacles. The Messenger of Allah himself on the other hand teaches us the prayer of paying off debts so that they are paid off quickly, even though the amount is as big as Mount Uhud.

Practice to make it easier to pay off debt

Muslim friends, if you are in debt right now, there is nothing wrong with practicing and praying to make it easier to pay it off. However, there are practices that are sometimes forgotten by someone and must be done before reading the prayer to make it easier to pay off debts.

What are these practices? Check out the following explanation.

1. Surrender to Allah SWT

The first principle before we pray to Allah SWT is to believe that every prayer that is said is generally always answered by Allah SWT, especially if we pray solemnly. Let’s think about it, the common reason for humans to seek Allah SWT. The answer is because there is something to ask Him.

Unfortunately, many people forget Allah SWT when they are not in need. However, when you need Him, for example, when you are caught in debt, you must immediately seek the Creator or draw closer to Allah SWT.

People who seek Allah SWT to ask and pray are not only done by today’s society. However, people have been doing it for a long time and indeed they will always need Allah SWT. There are also various ways to look for them, ranging from routine tahajjud prayers or routine reading of the Koran because of their desire to seek Allah SWT.

No matter how strong a person is, whether it’s physically, mentally, psychologically, and so on, he will always ask for help from Allah SWT. Allah SWT will be very angry if there is someone who does not want to pray to him, truly arrogant people do not want to pray to Him. He has prepared a home for such people, namely hell.

We need to first practice the deep sense of surrender to Allah SWT, without any feeling of arrogance in the heart. This is done so that we are loved by Allah SWT. That way, any prayer can be answered even if it is difficult for a servant, like a debt that is paid off immediately.

2. Performing Night Prayers

Performing night prayers to pay off debts is a form of our endeavor so that all affairs can be made easier by Allah SWT. The night prayer to pay off one’s own debt means the prayer of intent, which is a sunnah practice when we have a wish that we want to be granted, such as debt problems.

Keep in mind that praying to pay off debt doesn’t mean you can just give money. This practice is to ask for smooth sustenance so that you can pay off debt immediately. The night prayer to pay off debt or the prayer of intent is performed with two rak’ahs and is performed at 12 o’clock at night.

The following is the procedure for praying at night to pay off debt.

a. Intention of Prayer

The intention when praying at night to pay off debt or praying for purpose can be said in the heart.

b. Reading Iftitah and Al-Fatihah Prayers

Iftitah prayer is a sunnah prayer that is read after takbiratul ihram, namely at the first takbiratul ikhram and before reading Surah Al-Fatihah in prayer. This iftitah prayer contains hope that is offered to Allah SWT.

This iftitah prayer reading has several kinds of readings, some are long and some are short. Although the law of reading the iftitah prayer is sunnah, our prayers will not be complete without reading this iftitah prayer. Therefore, some people consider that reading this prayer is obligatory.

Almost the same as readings in other prayers, iftitah prayer also contains many virtues, especially in the sense of its content which has beautiful meanings and shows more servitude to Allah SWT.

This shows that the nature of our lives as creatures created by Allah SWT is not free from all sins and mistakes. Iftitah prayer is one of the places to make a request to Allah SWT. Therefore, reading the iftitah prayer is a source of reward for every Muslim.

c. Reading Short Surahs

After reading Surah Al-Fatihah, it is followed by reading verses from the Koran or short surahs. In this prayer, it would be better if we read Surah Al-Ikhlas in the first rak’ah or Surah Al-Kafirun three times, while for the second rak’ah we can read the verse of the chair.

Surah Al-Ikhlas is the 112th surah in the Quran. Surah Al-Ikhlas consists of four verses and includes Surah Makkiyah. Surah Al-Ikhlas explains about monotheism by showing the nature of God Almighty.

d. Bow with Tuma’ninah

e. Iktidal with Tuma’ninah

f. Prostrate with Tuma’ninah

g. Sitting Between Two Prostrations

After the first rak’ah is complete, continue until the second rak’ah is finished in the same manner as the first rak’ah. The only difference reading is the short letter, because in the second rak’ah we are encouraged to read the verse of the chair. When finished, end the prayer with greetings.

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