Praiseworthy morality to fellow human beings (Husnuzan)

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Praiseworthy morality to fellow human beings According to Islam

Muslimcreed Islam is a source of commendable moral education, both towards Allah swt, fellow human beings, and towards fellow creatures. There are many kinds of commendable morals towards fellow human beings, including husnudzan, tawaduk, tasamuh, and ta’awun.

These commendable qualities should always be practiced in everyday life, both at home, at school, and in the community. If the people run it well, the desired life will be achieved, namely a safe, calm, and peaceful state.

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In social life, we often hear the words husnuzan, suuzan, tawaduk, takabur, tasamuh, and ta’awun. Islam educates its people to get used to husnuzan, to avoid suuzan to anyone.

1. understanding and importance of husnuzan

The word husnuzan comes from the pronunciation of hasam (good) and dhan (prejudice). Thus, husnuzan means prejudice, estimation, good guess. In society, it is absolutely necessary to have good relations with fellow community members as a condition for the realization of mutual cooperation in order to meet the needs of each party.

One way to establish good relations with fellow community members is husnuzan, the opposite of the word husnuzan is suuzan, which is bad prejudice against someone. Of course, Suuzan has a negative impact on brotherly relations in society.

2. Husnuzan law towards others

Husnuzan law to Allah swt and His messenger is obligatory. This means that every Muslim and Muslimat is obliged to have husnuzan (good prejudice) towards Allah swt and His messenger, the form of husnuzan to Allah swt and His messengers, among others, as follows:

  • Believe with all my heart that all the commands of Allah swt and His messenger (religious orders) are for the good of humans themselves.
  • Believe with all my heart that all religious prohibitions must be bad (if violated)

As for the law of Husnuzan to fellow humans is permissible or jaiz (may be done). Husnuzan towards fellow human beings means putting trust or thinking that he has done something good. Therefore, husnuzan has a positive impact, both for the perpetrator himself and for other parties, on the other hand, suuzan means placing suspicion on the other party. Therefore suuzan (to anyone) is haraam.

3. The obligation to be careful with the dzan

Islam educates its people to be careful of zan (prejudice). In the word of Allah swt Q.S al-Hujurat verse 12 explicitly obliges us to be careful in terms of zan (prejudice). The prejudice that is classified as a sin is bad prejudice (suuzun). Having a bad feeling means suspecting someone else has done something bad, even though that is not necessarily true. People who suspect someone (have done bad) must be less friendly with the suspect. Thus, his brotherly relationship with the suspect became distant.

4. Husnuzan forms

People who claim to be Muslim are obliged to carry out Islamic teachings in their daily life behavior. If not, it doesn’t mean that person is Muslim. The behaviors that reflect Husnuzan’s attitude include the following:

  • Believe with all my heart that all religious commands for the good of man himself (if obeyed)
  • Believes that all religious prohibitions are for the good of man himself (if obeyed).
  • Develop good attitudes in neighborly and social life.
  • Give trust to fellow human beings about a matter with the belief that he can carry out his duties.
  • Stay away from prejudice against anyone if there is no real evidence.

5. Husnuzan’s positive impact

The positive impacts of Husnuzan’s behavior include the following.

  • The closer the inner relationship between behavior and other parties suspected of doing good.
  • Gain the trust of people who think they have done good.
  • Make a brotherly relationship between the two (the suspect and the suspected)
  • Get used to behaving husnuzan
  • Not easy to accept a news that is not clear source and truth.
  • Make an effort to meet frequently with fellow friends or community members.
  • By meeting often, you can anticipate the emergence of gossip that often damages relationships
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