Reap blessings with respect and obedience to parents and teachers

Reap blessings with respect and obedience to parents and teachers

How to get blessings with respect and obedience to parents and teachers?

Before we are born into the world, we are in the mother’s belly for about nine months. When a mother is pregnant, her body becomes weaker and weaker and feels more and more difficult. Especially when giving birth, really life is at stake. After the child is born, the mother’s next task is to care for and raise the children. When the child is hungry, the mother immediately feeds him with tenderness. When her child is sick, a mother will immediately take her child to a doctor or midwife to get well soon.

A father works hard to support his family. His tired and hot body did not make a father give up work. His strong desire and motivation to make his family happy made his spirit even more burning. This is a real picture of how much love parents have for their children. Both parents really want their children to grow up healthy, strong, intelligent, pious, and become dutiful children.

Both parents have contributed greatly in our lives. Both of them give sincere love without any strings attached. Every day both parents pray to Allah swt so that their children are always in His protection, the love of parents for their children is priceless. If the world and everything in it is used to repay both parents, it will not be worth the sacrifice. We should respect, love, and obey, both parents. If this is done, we will get the blessing of life. A blessed life is a life full of benefits, receiving the protection and love of Allah swt.

Besides both parents, the person who is very instrumental to us is the teacher. Teachers educate with care, patience, and perseverance. We can read, write, and count thanks to the services of teachers. Teachers have given knowledge and instilled noble character so that we become intelligent people and have noble character. Without the jaa of a teacher, we would be in ignorance.

Both parents and teachers, we must respect, love, and obey. We will do our best to give advice and instructions. They have been instrumental in educating us to become knowledgeable and noble human beings. We make them happy by diligently studying and worshiping. We can manifest our love for them by praying for them after every prayer. We pray for them every day to receive the grace of Allah swt and His messenger who has taught us to respect and obey both parents and teachers. Therefore, let’s respect both parents and teachers in order to get the blessings of life.

Devotion to parents will bring many blessings and virtues for a child. This blessing can be felt both while still living in this world and in the hereafter. Some of these blessings and virtues are as follows:

  • Devotion to parents is one of the keys to enter heaven. Allah swt will open the door of heaven for children who are devoted to their parents. In fact, he will get a high position and rank in heaven. This is because the pleasure of Allah swt depends on the pleasure of parents, the wrath of Allah swt also depends on the wrath of parents. A child who is disobedient to his parents will not enter heaven or in other words he will go to hell.
  • Filial piety to parents is another part of struggling in the way of Allah swt. Fighting in the way of Allah swt has a very large reward value in the sight of Allah swt. A child who is sincerely devoted to his parents will get a very big reward from Allah swt.
  • Being filial and respecting parents can dissolve major sins. sins committed by a child will get forgiveness from Allah swt because he is devoted to his parents. Allah’s forgiveness is a very valuable gift for a human being, because Allah’s forgiveness will make our lives calm and happy, both in this world and in the hereafter.

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